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10 Snacks From Your Childhood That You Didn't Realize You Can Still Get Today

Listen, it's fine to reminisce about all the things we used to have, but sometimes it's downright frustrating to remember everything that you want to eat, and then not be able to eat it.

Instead, let's take a moment and remember the good and wonderful companies that are still providing us with super good treats and meals that taste like our childhood.

Sure, their health value is questionable at best, but who are we to judge! Enjoy yourself, think of this as the shopping list for your retro theme party!

This what you can still get:

1. Teddy Grahams

Still as good as they've ever been, and you can still find them basically everywhere. Personally, the chocolate has always been my favorite, but I will never say no to a Teddy Graham no matter what the flavor.

Sometimes they even release new limited-time flavors that your childhood self hasn't even tried, so go crazy, try them all!

2. Handi-Snacks

You want a tiny, dry piece a bread or a bland cracker to dip into a tip tub of cheese? Don't worry, you still can.

Handi-Snacks still exist, and they are as mediocre as ever. They did however hit the spot whenever you needed a snack that was portable. These were always very present when a kid would learn to pack their own lunch for school.

However, looking at them now, I see they have Oreo versions and I would like to start adding these to my grownup lunches.

3. Bagel Bites

"If pizza is on a bagel, you can eat pizza anytime!"

The bread substance the pizza is built on has never stopped me from eating it before, but I do find the jingle very catchy! These are great party snacks, because you just throw them in the oven and then you have a super nostalgic appetizer that basically everyone loves.

If they criticize you for having "childish snacks" then tell them that you'll eat their portion. Watch how quickly they change their tune.

4. Fruit Roll-Ups

Personally, I never got the appeal of these fruit flavored sheets, but everyone in my grade school classes were absolutely obsessed with them so I guess it was just me who wasn't a fan.

I think our parents all thought that because it said fruit that they were healthy, but I am not convinced. It says it's made with real fruit, but I don't think real fruit can survive in the bottom of a locker for a whole year and still look the exact same.

5. Cheese Balls

I can't lie, I still buy these from time to time. They aren't sold at my local grocery store (which is probably for the best) but they are available at a store enough out of the way that helps me restrain myself.

They are the perfect summer treat. They are light and airy, but they have that good cheesy flavor that just explodes in your mouth. I honestly love these so much, sometimes I have to assign someone the duty of taking them away from me.

The tub they come in is just so much bigger than you'd thing it is, and suddenly you look down and you've eaten half of a pound of cheese balls and you start to feel a little bit queasy.

I don't know about you, but for me, it's worth the pain.

6. Lunchables

Only the fancy kids ate Lunchables when I was young, but now that I am a grown up and have my own money, I can buy a Lunchables if I want to. I almost never want to, but at least the option is there.

They were such a great thing to have in school though, you would usually just get crackers, meat, and cheese, but every once and a while your mom would treat you to the holy grail: a pizza lunchable.

Those tiny little pizzas were the most satisfying lunch ever. They were extra delicious that one year out class had a microwave and we could actually melt the cheese, but even cold they were pretty awesome!

7. Rice Krispies Treats

These were one of those staples that were easy to add to your lunch if there were no really good options in the pantry.

A rice krispy square is usually really good when you make them fresh, but the packaged ones were never quite as good. They were however good enough, which is really all that mattered when we were young.

If you ever need a backup snack, these are still sold at most grocery stores for pretty cheap.

8. Fruit Gushers

Even though they had the most wild and zany commercials when we were young, they've managed to stay alive. To be fair, those crazy commercials are probably part of the reason why they are still alive, so I shouldn't discount them.

They still make a bunch of varieties of these fruit juice filled snacks, and while you may feel a little childish eating them, you shouldn't. It takes a refined palate to understand the complex flavors of a Fruit Gusher.

9. Kid Cuisine

Sure, you could go for one of those Weight Watchers Smart Ones, or eat a Lean Cuisine, but why would you when you can eat a Kid Cuisine!

Those mostly dry chicken nuggets were all we wanted when the babysitter was left to feed us dinner. Just kidding, we wanted pizza but our parents said these were on sale.

Sure, they weren't super great, but if you want that authentic feeling for your retro party they are necessary.

10. Dunk-A-Roos (technically)

Here's the thing, they may have stopped selling these amazing cookies in the U.S.A., but they are still available all over Canada. So all you need is a passport and these sweet cookies can be yours!

Not willing to make the trip? Sometimes you can find them on Amazon, but it depends on the day.

Also, if that is still too much effort, Wal-Mart has started selling their own version of Dunk-A-Roos that are almost better than the original because it's a much bigger tub. Sorry childhood self, but quantity over brand loyalty!

Which of these treats was your favorite? Which one has you grabbing the keys to the car so you can go get some right away?

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