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10 TV Housekeepers That Made Us Really Jealous That We Didn't Have One


Over the years, we have watched a lot of different families enjoy the perks of having someone to help out around the house. Whether they were a butler, a maid, or a nanny, TV shows always made it seem like it was way more common than it was to have live-in help.

The thing was, all of these families did love these people a lot, and so did we. Which of these do you wish lived at your house?



Jeffery from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air was exactly what that family needed. He was so dignified but also not afraid to be honest and sarcastic and that was why we loved him.

Fran Fine


She may not have planned on becoming a nanny, but Fran fell into the roll perfectly. Her connections with the kids was so impressive even though she had no idea what she was doing.



No one knew how to handle a big family quite like Alice. The Brady Bunch was a lot to handle, but Alive always knew what to do.


You couldn't have asked for a more menacing looking butler who was also pretty sweet to those kids.



Will & Grace was always good at showing how rich Karen was, but the fact that the only maid she wanted was this angry and sarcastic one made us all very happy.

Mr. Belvedere

It was unusual to have the entire show be based on the butler, but for this sitcom it worked! It went on for 6 seasons!



She made her way from a recurring character into a series regular by season 4 and then also managed to snag a bunch of nominations for her portrayal of Florence the maid.



Niles was perhaps the most invasive butler imaginable. He was constantly listening at doors and interfering with his bosses colleague, but we wouldn't have it any other way.



Bruce Wayne could trust no one other than Alfred to help him set up his crime fighting team. Batman would be nothing without Alfred.



She wasn't just a housekeeper, she was actually Martin's physical therapist. Although she was always nice enough to help around the apartment.

Who do wish lived in your house?