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12 Things We Grew Up With That Make Us Sound Like Grandparents When We Talk About Them

Technology changes faster than a lot of people can keep up with, but that was especially the case for the last bit of the 20th Century. From the 80s to the 2000s, things got really different really quick, and as these 12 things show, sometimes our childhoods are already pretty outdated.

Saving things to a floppy disk


Having to rewind a movie after you finish watching it.


Typing text messages on a T9 keyboard


Having to buy a magazine to find out when the show you wanted to watch was going to be on

TV Guide

Pulling out one of these to figure out how to get to where you were driving

Seriously, even we barely remember having to do some of this stuff...

Changing the channel with one of these bad boys

Getting this message on a TV screen


Spending dozens of dollars to get music on these

The only way to keep in touch other than with a landline phone taking days, if not weeks, before you got a reply


Having to learn about new technologies that literally everybody uses now

Public libraries online

Disney tapes that were just the songs


Keeping change on hand for the pay phone

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