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12 Times Weird Al Parodies Were Better Than The Original Songs

Weird Al Yankovic has been the world's greatest musical comedian for decades now, constantly taking the popular music of the time and making it his own. We love all of his songs, but these 12 were the absolute best.

Amish Paradise

We may have loved Coolio's "Gangsta's Paradise" but we completely forgot about it once Al released his ode to churning better.

The Saga Begins

He takes the worst Star Wars movies and makes gold out of them, all to the tune of "American Pie." Classic.

Eat It

Take "Beat It" and drop a letter; suddenly you have comedy gold.

Girls Just Wanna Have Lunch

We all thought they just wanted to have fun, but Al showed us the error of our ways.

Another One Rides The Bus

So much nicer than everyone biting the dust, don't you think?

His parodies just keep getting better from here...

I Love Rocky Road

He might actually love Rocky Road more than Joan Jett loves Rock N' Roll. Only time will tell!

White & Nerdy

He takes a song about ridin' dirty and turns it into an ode to the pocket protector. Weird Al hit the mid 2000s in full force.


In his debut, he took an 80s anthem and made it about I Love Lucy. He'd go onto bigger things, but this was a good start.

Like A Surgeon

Pretty sure Madonna didn't envision anything quite like this when she sang "Like A Virgin."

Smells Like Nirvana

Weird Al wasn't having great luck in the early 90s, but this parody of the biggest song of the decade put him right back on top.


Another MJ parody, this one was just as good as the other.

Trapped In The Drive-Thru

R. Kelly's ode to infidelity and ridiculous plots was insane in and of itself, but somehow Al found a way to make it even crazier.

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