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15 Cartoons That Were Too Mature For Us As Kids (But We Watched Anyway)

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Not all cartoons that we grew up with were necessarily intended for kids! Once 9 PM rolled around, networks like MTV, Cartoon Network, and even Fox would air shows that, while animated, definitely tended towards much more "adult" subject matter. We weren't supposed to be up late enough to watch, but these 15 shows were so good it meant we defied our parents and watched them anyway.

1) The Simpsons

2) Futurama

3) Duckman

4) King of the Hill

5) Undergrads

6) Beavis And Butt-Head

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7) South Park

8) Clone High

9) Mission Hill

10) Aeon Flux

11) Spawn

12) The Head

13) The Maxx

14) Daria

15) Celebrity Deathmatch

Which was your forbidden favorite?