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15 Classic Happy Meal Toys We Desperately Wanted When We Were Kids

Who else remembers getting SUPER excited when their mom or dad said they could go to McDonald's for lunch or dinner?

Their commercials were catchy, they had a line of toys that were awesome, and their french fries were the best. The other thing that was always amazing about McDonald's was the toy inside your Happy Meal. They always became such big collectors items for kids, comparing which one they had with their friends.

Let's see how many of these retro Happy Meal toys you remember!

1. Tiny Disney Characters In Movie Cases

These were the best, you got all your favorite characters inside a little case that looked like the old movie cases that our VHS tapes came in. Kids today would not get it AT ALL but we love them!

2. Mini Furby

They weren't as interactive as a real Furby, but at least you didn't have to worry about them talking to you in the middle of the night!

3. Changeables

Transformers were THE toy I guess, even if they were shaped like french fries.

4. Mini Barbies

Barbie was one of the most important things a kid had, so to have extras for free was THE BEST. Even though you couldn't really do anything with their outfits, they were still super fun to play with.

5. 101 Dalmations toys

It was always so great when a new Disney movie came out because that meant all new toys to collect!

6. Beanie Babies

There was absolutely nothing better then getting a tiny beanie baby in your Happy Meal. They came back several times with different tiny replicas of all your favorites.

7. Lion King toys

I feel like Lion King instantly became everyone's favorite Disney movie.

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8. Dinosaurs

This show was one of the very best things out there, and the toys were just as awesome.

9. Nugget characters

Well, they weren't the most adorable little guys or notable from a movie but I guess having a character based on your favorite food was fun for some reason?

10. McDonald's Racing Bikes

Who else misses the Hamburglar?

11. Muppet Babies

Maybe they will come back if the new show gets popular.

12. Tiny Toons Flip Cars

It was like two toys in one because the other side had a completely different character in the car!

13. Fry Kids Figures

These haven't been around in so long!

14. Batman

Who else loved the animated Batman series?

15. Garfield

Garfield really had a huge popularity surge in the 90s. It was awesome.

Whichever toy was your favorite in the 90s, it was probably awesome. If you are feeling really nostalgic, go grab a Happy Meal and see what you get. Probably won't be AS cool as your old stuff, but at least those fries still taste good.

Share your favorite Happy Meal toy you remember getting in the comments!