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15 Creepy Toys That Would Absolutely Traumatize The Kids Who Owned Them

We had a lot of fantastic toys growing up. Whether we wanted dolls, video games or anything in between, there were thousands of options for us. But honestly, some of them shouldn't exist.

Some toys are just too creepy to believe the were real. Who approved these? Who thought these would make good educational or emotionally beneficial toys for kids to play with? Seriously, I would like to have a word with the people who created these 15 products.

Why would you build this nightmare machine?

Is this supposed to be a recreation of the movie Alien?

Even though this is obviously broken, a brand new one is still SO creepy

TNI Press LTD.

Can't you make a toy where the insides stay inside?

By the way, this is available on Amazon right now if you want it! Just a mere $60 to traumatize a child!

This is for sure haunted right?

I don't trust the look in this thing's eyes

Who made this and why!? It's just a crime against everything.

I have seen almost every monkey movie ever made and I am pretty sure this is not what a monkey looks like

Are you brave enough to see the rest of these traumatic toys?

Cool, I didn't need to ever sleep again

Why is it made out of rubber? And what on earth is with those 6 yarn hairs?

Okay, why does it have human fingers if it has an elephant nose??? I need answers!

I don't even want to know what this is from, it's just awful

I know that the yellow spot is supposed to be its hair, but honestly it looks like a creepy horn growing out of its head

This thing looks like it is a minion of the devil and will destroy your life

I don't know what's worse, the scary eyebrows, the legs that look like they melted together or the fact that she has a doll with a matching dress

Did you have any toys that scared you when you were a kid? Share in the comments!