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15 Halloween Candies You Always Got While Trick-Or-Treating (Whether You Wanted Them Or Not)

Halloween is the best time of the year for any sugar-loving kid (which, let's face it, is all kids). All you had to do was put on the costume your parents either bought or made for you, go around your neighborhood ringing doorbells, and complete strangers would lovingly give you heaps of candy! It was the best!

Unless of course you were Charlie Brown...Giphy

Of course, when it came time to dump out your bags and check out what you got, there were a few that you were basically guaranteed to get. In particular, these 15 candies seemed to always find their way into our bags (sometimes to our complete disappointment).

There's those tiny caramels that were always rock solid after like a week.


Or candy corn, which I guess someone actually liked since people kept giving it out?


Bags of M&Ms were always appreciated, except when they only had like 2 of them in there.

Mars Candy

I absolutely hated the Popeye candy cigarettes. Tasted like sugared chalk.


Same deal with Smarties (or Rockets, depending on where you lived).


A single bag of plain Humpty Dumpty chips. Boooooooooooring.

Humpty Dumpty

Let's not forget those little chocolate pumpkins wrapped in foil.

Thompson Candy

These next few candies are an even bigger trip down memory lane...

Lifesavers were a pretty safe bet; there were at least a few flavors you knew you liked.


Because some people hate children, they would give out these tiny boxes of raisins, which aren't even close to candy (or edible).

Sun Maid

The chocolate-covered ones weren't much better either


Remember those people who tried to be "health-conscious" and give you an apple? Not a candy or caramel one, just a regular ****ing apple.

The Sun

Of course there were Sugar Daddies, which pulled out many a baby tooth when eaten.

Tootsie Co.

Anyone else really hate the wax lips and teeth? How were these even considered candy?


I guess bubblegum kinda counts as candy? Kinda?


Nerds on the other hand were the best. Pure sugar at its finest.


Good & Plenty definitely had plenty, but the jury's still out on if they were good.


Two words: black licorice. Ugh.


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