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15 Songs That Will Immediately Trigger Anyone Born Before 1995

Music is an interesting thing, especially in terms of how it relates to your own memory. No matter what year it was, there's definitely a song from either your childhood or teenage years that you heard so damn much (whether you wanted to or not) that even just hearing the first few words will send your brain spiraling back to those times.

This is especially true of any of the stuff that got played on the radio during the weirdly eclectic time that was the last 90s and early 2000s. Whether you were rocking your JNCOs or covered head to toe in body glitter, we can pretty much guarantee these 15 lyrics will have these songs playing through your head all over again.


Anybody else just get reminded of Shrek by this song?

"All the / Small things"

What was it with these guys and dancing around wearing almost nothing?

"HI! / My name is / What / My name is / Who"

There are plenty of instantly-recognizable Eminem songs, but none get jammed in your brain from just one line quite like this one does.

"Coming out of my cage and I've been doing just fine"

Remember when this was the breakup anthem for like, an entire generation?

"Let's go girls"

If the opening horn section doesn't take you back, this first line definitely will.

"Stand up! / Stand up!"

What if I don't wanna stand up, Luda? What then?!

"Another turning point / A fork stuck in the road"

Fun fact, a friend of mine used to blast this at the end of parties in order to get people to clear our of his house as quickly as possible.

If you thought THOSE were nostalgic, wait 'til you hear the rest...

"Peace up! A-Town down!"

I pretty much can't hear any part of this song without immediately picturing Lil' Jon going "YEAH!"

"Can you feel it... / Ah s***... / OOO WAH-AH-AH-AH"

Something about singer David Draiman's angry squawking always makes it feel equal parts badass and unintentionally hilarious.

"Here's the thing / We started out friends"

I have no idea who the guy in this song is, but Kelly Clarkson sure does seem like she's having a good time since he been gone.


Because who doesn't love James Hetfield yelling almost incomprehensibly?

"I was like / Good gracious ass/ Bodacious"

Tell us how you really feel about this young woman's rear end, Nelly.

"Uh huh / This my s*** / All the girls stomp your feet like this"

Real talk, this song was where I completely gave up on Gwen Stefani. Has there ever been a song more obnoxious recorded by someone whose last name isn't Bieber?

"I'll tell you what I want / What I really really want"

Did the Spice Girls ever actually tell us what they want, what they really really want? I feel like they never did, but maybe that's just me.


I'll wake up when I'm good and ready, System of a Down! Also, telling me I need to wear makeup? Rude.

Which songs did you get right away? Let us know in the comments!