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15 Toys Will Make Literally Every '90s Kid Nostalgic For Their Childhood

It's a scientific fact that toy technology and advertising peaked in the 90s, and the generations that've come since have never realized what they're missing out on. In particular, these 15 toys can definitively prove that toys these days are just nowhere near as cool.


Sure this toy dates back to the 1940s, but we definitely fell in love with the thing all over again thanks to all the commercials that made it look like a total blast. If you wanna recapture the thrill of making it walk down the stairs, you can buy it here.

Velcro Toss & Catch

What's better than playing catch with a plain ol' baseball and gloves? How about if the gloves were actually velcro pads and the ball was fuzzy? NOW you're talking! Grab one of these bad boys here and start throwing!


Again, this teeeeeeeechnically wasn't a 90s toy, but I'll be damned if every kid in my elementary school classes weren't trying to do tricks with these things in the middle of class. You can relive the glory of these things here.

Stamp Markers

Forget plain ol' regular markers, stamp markers were a cornerstone of every artsy 90s kid's portfolio. They came in cool shapes that you could used to make all sorts of creative designs, and I'm personally livid they never caught on more. Stock up on them here while you can!


We all got mesmerized by staring through these things at our ceiling lights, and if you ever wanted to experience that again, you can grab one right here.

Plasma Balls

If you're anything like me, you loved staring at and playing with these things whenever you saw one in the store, but your parents never actually got you one. Remedy this injustice by grabbing one here!

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Water Ring Toss

The handheld game that was impossibly harder than anything you had on your Game Boy, it didn't stop us from trying (in vain) to get all the rings on the pegs. Get your own to see what all the fuss was about!

Magic Grow Animals

You take a tiny creature, set it down in some hot water, and overnight it grows to be absolutely MASSIVE! We had no idea what witchcraft was behind this when we were kids, but we did know it was the best. Go ahead and grab some for yourself here, you deserve it.

Cup And Ball

Okay, real talk, I'm pretty sure this toy dates back to the time of the dinosaurs, so why is it we were still obsessed with getting the ball in the cup? Buy your own and find out!

Dragonball Z Action Figures

Nothing was better than re-enacting the climactic fight between Super Saiyan Goku and Frieza, complete with all the yelling and ridiculous attack names from the show. Dragonball Z is still huge today, making this set of figurines a bargain!

Justice League Action Figures

Tired of having to pick your favorite superhero of the bunch? Why not just get all of them in one shot! That way you can recreate the actually good Justice League comics and cartoons, instead of that crap movie.

Jump Rope

The fastest way to feel like a kid again (except of course when you keel over from the years of aging taking a toll on your energy levels). Get your own here!

Glow In The Dark Stars

Every kid who had these on their ceilings objectively had the best room in the house, and now your own kids can experience the same greatness! Buy a new set and let them see what they've been missing out on!

Those F***ing Push Pencils

I know some people love them, but I hate these things. They became completely useless as soon as you lost one push tab, defeating the entire point. Don't agree with me? There's plenty to be had here.

Milky Pens

Because nothing is cuter than glittery ink on black paper. You know you want them.

Which of these were you obsessed with as a kid?