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20 Magazine Ads That Will Remind You Just How Important Hair Was In The 80s

Hair was VERY important in the 80s. There was some kind of law that seemed to state that it had to absolutely be as big as possible. What was the best way to ensure your hair was the appropriate height and width? The right shampoo of course!

Finding the right hair products wasn't always easy, but at least they made hundreds of advertisements for us to narrow down our choices. How many of these do you recognize?

"Because you're always in the mood to feel beautiful."

Do birds really need shampoo?

"The new beauty buzzword is honey"

You've got to agree that this 'Agree' ad is a bit dated...

Personalized shampoo to help every color get that special glow!

Were you a Breck Girl?

"Sometimes you need a little Finesse, sometimes you need a lot"

How many of these look familiar so far? Have you seen your favorite brand from the 80s yet?

I'm not sure that I have ever heard it called "the greasies" but I don't want it...

I feel like everyone had overworked hair in the 80s...

It's nice that this perm solution could stop the "frizzies"! Between that and the "greasies" we were really dealing with a lot

This hairspray has a really questionable tagline...

Who knew it was so simple to have beautiful hair?

It's all about that Dimension!

Lever Brothers Company

It's all about body language!

That is some VERY serious hair


Gee, please don't sniff my head?


Hey Cindy, looking great!


Gotta keep that hair healthy I guess!

I guess "The Greasies" were a real concern in the 80s

How many of these ads do you recognize? Let us know in the comments which brand was your favorite!