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20 Of The Funniest Signs From The Simpsons

The Simpsons has been on the air for nearly thirty years, and what most people immediately think of its ever-expanding cast of wacky characters or its numerous guest appearances. What they sometimes forget, however, is some of the absolutely brilliant writing that goes into creating the many signs and storefronts of Springfield.

We love the sign gags because they're bite-sized, blink-and-you'll-miss-it jokes that not only give the town its distinct personality, but also sometimes provide the show with some of its most risqué, adult humor. Here are some of our favorites.

20. In 'N' Out Ear Piercing


Think about it...

19. Pay & Park & Pay

You know someone would do this if they could get away with it.

18. Boxing Tonight

Ouch. Literally.

17. Franchise Expo

Oddly specific.

16. Mom & Pop Hardware

Just a little too real...

15. Eye Caramba

Nice parody of their own catchphrase.

14. Stoner's Pot Palace

"Man, that is flagrant false advertising!" - Otto

13. American Shipping Service

You'd think they'd just change the name.

12. Springfield Psychiatric Center

Hilariously dark.

11. Springfield Christian School

Truth in advertising?

10. Parent/Teacher Night

Brutally honest.

There's even more hilarious signs to be found on the next page!

9. Sneed's Feed & Seed

Really think about it...

8. Monstromart

We've all been there.

7. Animal Assistants

Just really clever.

6. Winnipeg

For the Canadians in the house.

5. First Church of Springfield


4. Springfield Dog Track

The classic.

3. Springfield Youth Center

Just harsh.

2. It Blows

Get it?

1. Ice Cream Social

How they got away with this one is a mystery

Those are just some of the many, MANY hilarious signs from The Simpsons. What are some of your favorites?