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4 Retro Wedding Trends That Are Hitting It Off in 2021

For good luck at your wedding, it's common practice for brides to have something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue. With these throwback wedding trends making a comeback in 2021, many brides won't have to worry about finding that something "old." If you've been looking for vintage or retro fun for your wedding or you're simply excited for some of your favorite trends to make a comeback, here are some of the most popular retro wedding trends of 2021.

Flower Crowns and Headpieces

During the 1970s and late 2000s, flower crowns were all the rage. Now, they're making a comeback at weddings. Brides can either choose to go bold and wild with bright, vivid colors or go more muted with pinks and whites with plenty of greenery. Typically, during the '70s, many brides would choose a more natural makeup look with their flower crowns, which goes hand-in-hand with the current natural makeup looks trending in 2021. You can order a flower crown with real flowers from a florist as a part of your wedding package or you can buy realistic-looking faux flowers that you can keep forever. There are over 400 million entrepreneurs and small businesses worldwide so you can find a unique flower crown to suit your wedding look.

Higher Necklines and Bigger Sleeves

During the 2010s, many brides were after sweetheart necklines and mermaid gowns. Now, the high necklines and poofy sleeves of the 1980s are coming back. More specifically, the types of sleeves becoming popular are bishop sleeves, which are not only lightweight and great for outdoor weddings but also compliment tighter-fit dresses.

Casual Weddings

About 60% of marriages in the U.S. work out, and how couples handle the stress of planning their wedding is often one of the biggest challenges couples will face. The good news is that the casual wedding atmosphere of the 1970s is beginning to trend again, giving couples the chance to take a breather and just have fun as they celebrate their big day. These weddings are typically outdoors, a trend further boosted by the COVID-19 pandemic, and sometimes even in the couples' own backyard.

Small Wedding Parties

As the country begins to open back up now that a greater number of Americans are getting vaccinated for COVID-19, many couples are looking to say their I-Dos after waiting for over a year. Of course, it's still important for wedding parties to stay safe what with the Delta variant becoming the dominant strain of COVID-19 in the states. Even flu viruses can survive on hard surfaces for up to 48 hours, and experts say the Delta variant is capable of spreading like chickenpox. According to USA Today, to reduce the risk of spreading the virus while still celebrating the wedding, many couples are bringing back the micro wedding from the 1970s when weddings were smaller and more casual celebrations with close friends and family.

Whether you love bishop sleeves or flower crowns, there are plenty of ways you can bring retro trends into your own wedding celebrations. Try out some of these throwbacks for your own ceremony this year!