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5 Most Amazing Super Bowl Comebacks

Now that the NFL season is almost upon us. Let’s have a look at some of history’s best Super Bowl moments.

Love them or hate them, it’s no big secret that the modern New England Patriots are one of the most dominant franchises in sports history. With six Super Bowl rings and 11 National Title appearances, they are a veritable dynasty. No other NFL team even compares. Even after the departure of Tom Brady, the Patriots are still 20-1 to win the Super Bowl this year.

As far as Super Bowl moments are concerned, the Pats are proud owners of just the stat we are here today to talk about. In their championship tilt against Matt Ryan and the Atlanta Falcons in Super Bowl LI back in 2017. They were down 25 points, 28-3. It looked like it was going to be a gruesome defeat for Brady and the boys. But they somehow rallied back and piled it on.

After being down 21-3 at the half, it was scary for New England fans. Then when the Falcons came out in the 3rd and put up another touchdown, it seemed as all hope was lost. But then James White took a 5 Yard TD pass from Tom to put 6 six more on the board. The celebration was short lived as the Pats missed on the conversion. But in the 4th, New England almost immediately scored again with Stephen Gostkowski putting up a 33-yard FG. then, it was off to the races.

So, we know that the Pats 25-point comeback in Super Bowl LI is the most epic comeback in the history the the Super Bowl … but what are the other four?

The Second Biggest Comeback in SB History

The second biggest comeback was also performed by Tom Brady and the New England Patriots. They had previously set the comeback record by recovering from a ten-point deficit. So, the Pats 25 point comeback stomped that record – and all others– and is actually the 3rd biggest comeback in playoff history.

The previous biggest comeback was set by the Patriots in Super Bowl XLIX when they we’re trailing the Seattle Seahawks by 10. Let’s not forget that this was the Legion of Boom … a Seattle defense that was extremely hard to score on. So, nerves were high in Foxboro after Doug Baldwin caught a broken coverage TD pass from Russel Wilson. It all came during a moment where the Pats offense seemed to be completely stifled by the Legion of Boom. They needed to put up two scores in the 4th quarter to win, and that exactly what they did, a Brady to Amendola TD pass and then a poor call … on the part of Seattle, Marshawn Lynch was on the one-yard line but they through a goal-line pass into traffic and the ball was picked … which gave the Pat’s the ball back and Brady the opportunity for another touchdown … which they got.

The Third Best Super Bowl Comeback

So, technically, these two comebacks are the same, 10-point margins. But the drama was slightly better in the Pats versus Seahawks. Third on the list is when the Saints took down Peyton Manning and the Indianapolis Colts who had jumped out to a 10-0 lead. But, never underestimate Drew Brees. He led the NoLa Saints to 13 unanswered points to get them back in the game. However, it was the Saints defense that made the day. Manning was doing what Manning does, marching right back down the field to score again and win the game. But Tracy Porter snatched a pick-six from the air and stole victory for New Orleans.

The Fourth Best Super Bowl Comeback

You remember a guy named John Elway, right? Well back in 1988, the Broncos had the Redskins on the ropes in Super Bowl XXII. It started out great for Elway and the Broncs, but after the first quarter, the game took a hard shift south for Denver fans. Elway threw two picks and Doug Flutie came to life … scoring 35 points uncontested to smash the Denver Broncos 42-10, in what still holds as the fourth largest margin of victory in Super Bowl History.

The Fifth Best Comeback in Super Bowl History

Super Bowl XXV was an affair between the Buffalo Bills and NY Giants … the halftime show was the New Kids on the Block. This would be the Bills first of three back-to-back appearances and the beginning of one of the most heartbreaking runs in sports history. The ‘missed kick’ it was like Lancelot’s wound that never healed. This is still considered one of the best Super Bowls ever … it was so competitive, with multiple lead changes. Nit it started bad for the Giants. They were down 12-3 before Jeff Hostetler put together a run to catch up … but with 9 seconds left, Jeff Norwood booted a long, 47-yarder … “wide-right, wide-right” … the announcer called, and Norwood hung his head in shame as the NY Giants won their second championship.