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5 Questions to ask before signing a contract for a party bus rental

Photo by Hobi industri on Unsplash

You're renting a party bus for your college graduation, sister's birthday, or another important upcoming event in your life. Before signing the contract, you need to ask yourself a few questions to ensure you're getting all the fine print details straight. Here are five questions to ask before making the deal final.

1. What's Your COVID-19 Policy?

The pandemic has changed everything. You should ask about the business's COVID-19 policy. It's the company's responsibility to keep people safe on their buses while riding in it, so they need to have a policy in place for it. Each company's and state's requirements are different. For example, a large party bus service might require proof of vaccination or a negative COVID test before boarding. Additionally, you'll want to know the cleaning process. The last thing you need is to expose your friends and family to the virus.

2. How Long Have You Been in Business?

Despite the state of the economy, some people are choosing to start their own businesses. It's essential to ask about a company's longevity. A new service might not be able to offer you personalized customer service.

They're probably more concerned with getting customers than building rapport if they're newer. It's possible they don't have the financial resources to maintain their fleet. You can find out more by checking reviews online. You might want to avoid companies with only a few comments. Another option is to contact them directly and ask for references.

Don't forget about insurance! It's not enough to have liability coverage for the business. The business needs full coverage for vehicles and drivers, including physical damage, medical payments, and uninsured motorist. Also, check about their licensing and liability insurance.

3. What Type of Insurance Will You Offer?

Some insurance companies only offer low-end liability and comprehensive coverage, while others provide more specific options. You should ask what type of insurance will they offer overall and if there's anything else you need to know about the policy. This step can save you money if your party accidentally spills a drink inside the bus and damages the flooring. Also, if there's alcohol involved, you should know what kind of insurance can protect you if there's an accident. Some options can also help in case something interrupts your trip, similar to travel insurance.

4. What Are Your Cancellation and Refund Policies?

Stuff happens, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. You're paying a lot of money for the bus and need to know what happens if you cancel the event or reschedule. Plus, delays can occur on both sides during shutdowns and staffing shortages. What happens if the company can't fulfill the contract? If the bus breaks down, it could cause problems throughout your entire event.

Also, if you're unsatisfied with your experience or if your party bus is unavailable, you should know the refund policies. Do you have to pay a cancellation fee? Are there any refunds or partial refunds available? Get all these details in writing before signing.

5. What Types of Vehicles Are Available?

There are two types of rental companies: those with large party buses and those with smaller vehicles. Extensive services often have more models than their smaller competitors. Top amenities include bars, TVs, and dance floors. Some even offer a stripper pole in the middle or a custom-themed package, including neon colors, custom furniture, special lighting, and a disco floor.

People love personalized service. You can ask a company about their fleet and what might be available for your upcoming party. Companies may even include additional amenities like video game systems and digital photo booths.

If you're trying to rent a specific model, ask if it's available for the date you need it. Some fleets can also offer just about any type of vehicle, so it's important to ask what they have and if you need a larger or smaller party bus.

You should also use this time to see if there are any discounts available for specific models, options, or the number of hours you want to rent it. You might be able to secure a longer rental for a lower price or more amenities for a lower cost.

The most important thing to remember when you're renting a party bus is that your safety and the health of those with whom you will travel are top priorities. You should always ask about what type of insurance is offered, how long they have been in business, their cancellation policies, and more before signing on the dotted line.