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7 Things You Didn't Know About Tom Selleck That Prove He Is More Than Just A Mustache


Magnum P.I was a pretty awesome show, and not just because of that epic mustache. Tom Selleck brought the show to the next level with his acting skills and managed to work his way into everyone's hearts.


How many of our moms and grandmothers were in love with him? Basically all of them right? Well, now you can let them know more about their favorite actor!

He's been in a lot of failed shows


He starred in six pilots that never took off. Luckily, it was all worth the wait because Magnum P.I helped launch him into super stardom.

His mustache is in the Hall of Fame

The International Mustache Hall of Fame that is... Yes, it is real.

He was almost Indiana Jones

Lucas Films

Tom Selleck was offered the role of Indiana Jones but he was too busy shooting Magnum P.I. so he had to turn down the offer.

Did you realize that he was an athlete as well as an actor?

He's an accomplished volleyball player

He has actually won a few national championships!

He was too tall for the car Magnum was supposed to drive


The Ferrari that is now associated with show was supposed to be a Porsche, but because Sellack is 6'4 he wouldn't fit! They went with the Ferrari so he would be more comfortable.

He took a handyman job while waiting for Magnum P.I. to start filming


He had to make money somehow after he relocated to Hawaii! The production was set to start filming, but he needed to find a job to last until his first big acting check. He worked as a handy man making $7/hr.

He was on 'The Dating Game'


Unlike Steve Martin, Tom Selleck lost both times he was on the show!

Make sure you let your mom or grandma know all these awesome facts about Tom Selleck!