Scenes That Always Make Us Wish Our Lives Were Like An '80s Movie


I think we can all agree our lives would be better if they were an 80s movie.

Here's a list of 8 80s movies scenes we wished happened in our lives:

1. The Breakfast Club - Closet Scene

The look Bender gives Claire still melts my heart.

2. Pretty In Pink - I Love You Scene

I don't think anyone's proms were actually this memorable. All I remember from it was a sweaty gym with awkward dancing, definitely not crushes proclaiming their love for anyone.  

3. Dirty Dancing - Final Dance

I had the time of my life rewatching this scene 30 times in a row. Also, why did I never meet a boy that could dance like that/look at me like that?

4. Say Anything - Boombox Scene

This has to be the number one scene from the 80s. It would have been my dream to have a boy show that he loves me by standing outside of my house holding a boombox. John Cusack, you raised my expectation for boys in high school, an expectation which was never met.

5. The Breakfast Club - Parking Lot Scene

Okay, again with The Breakfast Club, but this movie has too many scenes to pick from. I think we all wish we had the courage to kiss a bad boy right in front of our parents to make them mad. Also, I wanted a boy to throw his fist in the air because he was so happy he had me.

6. Footloose - Kissing Scene

After having an abusive ex-boyfriend, Ren shows her what love looks like. I think we all dreamed about that kiss they had after she gave him the music-box.

7. Sixteen Candles Ending Scene

When Jake is waiting for Samantha outside of the church, after the wedding. All we ever wanted was a good-looking boy in a nice car to fall in love with on our 16th birthday.

8. Can't Buy Me Love Lawn Mower Scene

We all secretly want to ride off in the sunset on a lawn mower.