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12 "Would You Rather" Questions That Are Impossible To Answer If You Lived Through The '90s

The 90s were a crazy time that we all remember pretty fondly, and chances are you have a ton of favorite things from that glorious decade. Except, what if you had to choose? What if it was a life or death situation and you had to pick what you missed the most? Well that time is now (not actually), and we wanna know what you'd choose for each of these 12 questions!

What drink would you fight someone to bring back?

What was the better store to kill time at?

What sitcom do you want back more than anything?

What movie absolutely needs a sequel?

Who was the best TMNT ripoff?

The questions just get tougher from here...

What was THE video game system?

What was the best snack that kids today will never know about?

Christmas movies: pick one.

What was the best toy fad?

Who was the most iconic boy band?

What cereal could you totally go for a bowl of right now?

And finally, what was the best cartoon?

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