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20 Things We All Tried To Sneak Into The Shopping Cart Hoping Our Parents Wouldn't Notice

Going grocery shopping with your parents wasn't the most enjoyable thing you could do. It felt like it took hours and there were so many other things we would rather be doing. Why did we have to stand around while our parents picked out various types of cheese, when we would rather stay home and play with our toys? Obviously we couldn't be trusted to take care of ourselves, but that wasn't going to stop us from whining.

When we were kids, we had to find some way to amuse ourselves in stores. There were no cellphones to keep us busy, so we found our own entertainment by trying to sneak things into the carts. Sometimes our parents would catch us in the act, but every once and a while we would make it to the cash before they would notice. If you were really lucky, they wouldn't notice at all and you could bring it home!

These 20 snacks were the ones that you were most likely sneaking into the shopping cart:

1. Magic Shell Chocolate Sauce

2. Orbitz

3. Kid Cuisine Frozen Dinners

4. Cookie Crisp

5. Oreo Cereal

6. Bagel Bites

7. Push Ups

8. Fruit Roll Ups

9. Pizzarias

10. Ice Cream Cups

Those aren't the only things we hid under the frozen peas in the cart...

11. Cheez Balls

12. Dunk-A-Roos

13. Lunchables Pizza

14. Cosmic Brownies

15. Gushers

16. Surge

17. Push Pop

18. Bubble Tape

19. Jawbreakers

20. Purplesaurus Rex Koolaid

We were all guilty of hiding stuff in the cart, which was your favorite to try and sneak in?