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Aaron Carter Just Dropped His First Album In 15 Years, And It'll Take You Right Back To The Early 2000s


Back in the hey-day of boy bands and teen pop idols, it seemed like all you needed to do in order to get a massive career in music was be attractive, have a couple of smooth dance moves, and of course, sing in the highest-pitched voice you could possibly muster. Oh how times have changed...


Of course, that wasn't the only way you could land yourself in a music career: you could always have a famous sibling to get you an in. It's a tradition that dates all the way back through the history of pop music, with artists like Andy Gibb, Marky Mark, and of course, Ashlee Simpson doing their best to use their already-famous name to kickstart their career in music.


And so it is we come to Aaron Carter, younger brother of Backstreet Boys singer Nick Carter, who made his solo debut shortly after his brother's boyband hit international stardom. He hit the ground running with his self-titled album in 1997, but it was his 2000 album, Aaron's Party (Come Get It) that went triple platinum and launched him into the big leagues.

However, Carter seemed to disappear just as quickly as the boyband craze did, and it's taken him a whopping 15 years to release another album...

Carter hasn't had the easiest few years since his days of fame. He recently checked into rehab after being arrested for DUI and drug possession (which even strained his relationship with his brother), but fortunately said he's feeling "optimistic" afterwards.

So it comes with no small amount of surprise surprise that he just released his first album in 15 years, Love!

Feel free to check out its lead single, "I Want Candy (Remix)," which is a remix of the exact song you're thinking of!

Are you excited for a new Aaron Carter album?