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18 Accessories You Wore In The 90s That Earned You Serious Style Cred

It's no secret that 90s fashion is making a comeback, from crop tops to chokers and overalls. Kids these days are embracing these returning trends, while those of us who were around in the 90s can't help but feel nostalgic.

We may no longer be at the age where we can wear butterfly clips, plastic bracelets, or ripped tights, but if you were to ask anyone who knew us back in the good ol' days, our clothes and accessories earned us some serious style creds.

Whether you were a trendsetter like Hilary Banks, a grunge babe like Kim Gordon, athletic like Sporty Spice, or a rocker chick like Courtney Love, here are 18 accessories that you definitely wore:

1. Mini backpacks

2. Toe rings

comedy Central UK

3. Single charm chokers (Bonus points if it is yin and yang)


4. Mood rings


5. Smiley face jewelry


6. Butterfly hair clips

7. Spider comb headbands

bows and bands

8. Tiny tinted sunglasses


9. Scrunchies

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10. Bucket hats

11. Ankle bracelets


12. Power beads


13. Puka shell jewelry

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14. Plastic pacifier necklaces

I Miss The Old School

15. Large buckle belts


16. Bandannas

Look Magazine

17. Chain wallets

18. Inflatable bubble backpack

How many of these accessories did you own in the 90s? Let us know in the comments!