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Facebook Doesn't Recognize Alan Alda And He Can't Figure Out Why

We've all been using Facebook for over a decade now. It's one of the best places to catch up with our friends, follow the news, and keep up with celebrities. Many celebs have their own Facebook fan pages to help them stay connected to their fans. They can post all their latest projects, charity causes they care about, and personal updates all from the comfort of their own homes.

Sometimes the actors aren't responsible for updating their own pages, but apparently for one 80s actor, actually trying to communicate with his fans has become an ordeal.


Alan Alda was one of the stars of M*A*S*H and we all became completely obsessed with watching how Hawkeye Pierce was going to lead his team.


As the chief of surgery, he had a lot of responsibility and you would think he would need to be organized. Well it turns out that technology seems to be working against him...

Alda's Facebook fan page has over 50,000 followers, but there is one important person who is missing from this community: Alan Alda himself. He revealed on Twitter that he was actually having issues getting into his own Facebook page.


He wrote "Weirdness. I can't get into my own Facebook account, @AlanAldaFanPage. I'm missing all this good stuff I write. FB wanted a picture to prove I was me. I've sent 3. I'm still not me. Mark, it's me, Al. Knock Knock."

He apparently had to send in multiple pictures to try and prove that he wasn't an impostor, but still nothing! Apparently Facebook doesn't recognize Alan Alda?

The seven-time Emmy Award-winning actor hopefully will make his way back into his account soon. Until then, you can keep up with him on Twitter!