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Jolt Cola Is Coming Back So We're Never Gonna Sleep Ever Again

Jolt Cola

Jolt Cola is back! The original and best caffeinated soda that we all loved in the 80s and 90s has finally come back into our lives and we are totally psyched!

We've been so lucky lately, because all our favorite drinks have come back. We had a resurgence of Orbitz, Cystal Pepsi and even Zima, but it's not really the one that we wanted. The real thing we've been hoping would come back was Jolt Cola. Now, we are finally seeing that dream become the reality.

Before there was Red Bull or Monster energy drinks, there was only one hyper-caffeinated beverage that would keep us awake all night, and that was Jolt Cola. In 2005, the company made an attempt at a comeback but according to them, "We fell asleep. We got caught up in new packaging, flavors and additives and lost sight of our original and beloved Jolt Cola."

This time, the company has listened to the pleas of their fans and decided to do it right this time, bringing back the original flavor. They first made their revival clear when they joined Twitter at the end of August with a simple tweet:

Since then, they have been increasing their social media presence. They revealed that Jolt Cola will be officially back on the shelves on September 21st.

There are a few important things you need to know about this revival...

While we are all excited that it is coming back, we need to know where we can buy this glorious beverage. Turns out, it will be SUPER affordable.

Jolt Cola has a "one-year exclusive distribution" deal with Dollar General where the drink will be sold for $1. That's it! Only $1 and you can relive your childhood while simultaneously destroying your sleep schedule!

Another important thing to know is that the company has said that it will be changing the recipe a little bit. Apparently it will have "all the sugar" and "twice the caffeine". Obviously we needed even more caffeine right?

The new formula will be released in the original cans and people are pretty excited. Now a whole new generation will learn what a real energy drink is like!

Are you excited? Let us know in the comments if you will be picking up some Jolt Cola!