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25 School Pictures That Will Make You Feel A Lot Better About Your Own

School photos are a traumatic experience that everyone must endure. They are a right of passage that you have to survive if you want to one day live you life. They are pretty much unavoidable between the age of four through seventeen and it never seems to get any easier. It seems like no matter how carefully your parents prepare or how much you think about your perfect outfit it just never turns out as you expected. Everyone has a bad school picture. I know I do! The only way to get over the bad pictures is to laugh at them and accept your fate as a meme. Enjoy these school photos that will make yours look like a fashion spread.

Crimped Hair was in style at one point right?

Perms were also a thing that happened. You don't see a lot of half-perms though. Good job standing out!

So this half perm mullet thing really was a style huh? I guess it wasn't as original as I thought. Wouldn't it be great if they were related?

I had a vest almost identical to this except instead of polka-dots it was flowers on one side. I get it kid, I get it.

You know how a mullet is business up front and party in the back? This one is just shifted on it's axis a bit

How happy do you think she is that the new Trolls movie comes out soon?

So. Much. Hair.

A young Chandler Bing perhaps?


I might have nightmares from this one...

You can tell a quality hair cut when it completely disguises your forehead.

Hawaiian shirt? Check. Big glasses? Check. Feathered Mullet? Super Check.

How much do you have to love computers before the photographer asks you to hold a keyboard? Spoilers- This is Bill Gates. (It isn't but it would be funny right?)

She had a vision and she really just went all in.

A girls gotta do what a girls gotta do...

You tried so hard little one. You did great.

You tried TOO hard... You should perhaps chill out a bit.

I must say, I am incredibly fond of the background of lasers. Really gives it that modern edge.

See she gets it. She knows there is no winning.

Your hair is just so very tall.

This kid looks like their head is being eaten by a small bear. They also kind of look like a tiny version of the girl who gets thrown over the fence by her pigtails in Matilda.


Once again, excellent use of laser style background schools. Is that a snap bracelet that she is wearing??

Oh mushroom cuts...

There's something about Mary sparked a trend that children should not have been trying to copy. Very inappropriate.


When you try to smile but you are really upset about everything...

If looks could kill...