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The Original Barbie Dream House Is Back And Our Inner Child Is Screaming With Joy

A lot of us grew up playing with our barbies. They were a way to explore the realms of our imagination and no matter what you think about Barbie's visual aesthetic, you've got to admit that being able to be creative with her story was pretty great for kids.

Sure, her look has raised a lot of controversy, but the fact remains that a lot of us enjoyed playing with Barbies and had countless stories to go along with each one.

I remember when I was a kid, one Christmas my parents brought my sister and I into the basement with blindfolds covering our eyes, and when we took them off we saw our very own Barbie dream house. But it wasn't one of the ones you could buy, it was a custom made house that they spent weeks working on!

Barbie Dream House
Ours was so much better than this! I wish I still had a picture of it!Ebay

It had three floors, velvet carpets on some parts, but tile just like our kitchen tile on the others,  and pink walls. It was cleverly put together using materials they had around the house, and while it wasn't like every other kid's dream house, it was so much better.

Everyone else had plastic houses that would snap and break if you dropped them. Mine was almost taller than I was and I couldn't even pick it up. It was epic and special, but to a lot of other kids, their factory-made dream houses were perfect as is.

But we weren't the only generation to have dream houses. They originated all the way back in 1962, which means our moms probably had them as well.

They are all pretty unique. Take a look and see which ones you remember...


The first dream house was simple, very simple. The entire thing was made out of cardboard. The walls, the floors, and even the furniture were all crafted out of cardboard. The bright yellow walls and the white checkered floors were pretty distinct, and every girl wanted to own one.


Barbie Dream House 1974

In the 70s, Barbie's house got a whole lot taller. Instead of a cardboard box, the house had three levels where Barbie could hang out. There was a lot of color, and a super cool elevator to get to that top floor bedroom.


If the high rise life wasn't for you, you could move your Barbie into this awesome fold out A-frame house that had six rooms, and a bunch of windows, you know for natural light. The mirror-topped coffee table was so very 70s, and the furniture was exactly as modern as it could have been at the time.


Barbie Dream House 1983

A return to the townhouse style, but, now each room had a creepy photograph that was trying to make it look like you were in a different room, but in reality just made it look like your wicker rocking chair was the size of a bed.


Barbie Dream House 1990

Barbie's dream house was upgraded to a "Magical Mansion" in 1990, and it all for a little bit pinker. There were even working lights that would illuminate all the soft pink decor. I think the balcony was a really nice touch too.


Barbie Dream House

Barbie wanted to move into a Victorian-style castle, and I think this might be why I think turrets are so pretty now...

As the years went on, Barbie's houses got new looks every few years, but it's hard to forget the original. Well, luckily for us and all those lucky kids who are young enough to still play with Barbies without it being weird, Mattel has decided to bring back the classic Dream House.

Here's how to get it:

The 1962 classic Dream House that started it all is coming back to market in all its simplistic glory. Gone are the hundreds of plastic chocking hazards that snap together, and instead, welcome the fun to build Barbie Dream House that our mothers loved.

All of the furniture comes flat-packed on cardboard sheets that you have to punch out and fold together. She's got a retro looking couch, a nice little vanity, a bookcase, and of course a closet to hang all those outfits.

Probably the best part about this new set is that not only do you get to relive your childhood (or share it with your kids or grand kids) but you also get one of the classic looking Barbies with it!

The original style of barbie looked a lot different, with the sassy side eye and the high ponytail, but now you can get one of those classic dolls with your classic Dream House and live that vintage dream you've always wanted!

The reproduction is available on Amazon for $76, and for the amount of nostalgia you're going to get it's an absolute steal.

I know I want one. I always had such a love for the classic Barbies, but never got to own one. Now's my chance! Even though it's not actually one of the ones from the 60s, at least this is an affordable option!

Like I said, you can get it on Amazon now, and it's absolutely awesome!

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