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A Look Back At The Gum We All Hated, But Had To Buy Anyway

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In January 2013, Bazooka Joe Comics, which had been wrapped around every piece of Bazooka Joe gum for 58 years, are changing. The strange and sometimes off-color jokes are now being replaced with brain teasers.

“Instead of a cheesy joke,” Anthony Trani, Bazooka Candy Brands’ vice president of marketing, told The New York Times, “we wanted to have a fun, engaging activity for kids” that would ultimately, he later said, “make the brand relevant again.”

I loved opening this comics as a kid, even if they were "cheesy". With that being said, let's take a look back at 58 years worth of Bazooka Joe and his rag-tag band of friends.

We've all been here.

Bazooka Joe Comics

I laughed at this a little bit.

We all had friends like this growing up.

Perfect kid logic.

You'll laugh when you get it.

This is 100% a dad joke.

HA HA HA HA HA. Who hasn't thought of their pillow as a marshmallow at least once?

The Kingston Whig-Standard

My cakes probably wouldn't taste any better.

The Kingston Whig-Standard

So simple LOL.

The answer to the age old question, "what's in the special sauce?" Do you really want to know?

We're hoping these have brought back some fond nostalgic memories for you, but we aren't done yet...

Nothing like an old-school mom joke.

The Topps Archives - blogger

Parents everywhere can relate.

The Topps Archives -

Not everything was a cheesy joke, they had some rap skills too.
Victor Sells Out

Call the fire department, someone just got burned.


Okay, some of the jokes were truly kinda cheesy.

Even I am a little confused by this one. Is that a baby with worries?

And here comes another dad joke LOL.


This probably wouldn't fly in today's world.

Paul's Voyage of Discovery & Etc.

What was your favorite thing about Bazooka Joe bubblegum? Did you collect the comics, or just toss them away to get at that gum?