12 "All That" Sketches That Were Honestly All That

If you didn't watch All That, you were missing out on the height of sketch comedy...okay well maybe not the HEIGHT, but at least some great sketches. Sure, it was dumb humor, but it was enough to make us laugh until we cried.

The show lasted 11 years, and though you could make a solid argument that the later seasons weren't the best, they were still better than anything that airs on Nickelodeon today!

These are some of our favorite All That sketches that we still remember today.

1. Know Your Stars

The show would make their stars (or guest stars) sit in an empty studio while they spewed off inaccurate facts about them. I don't think I ever clued in that the celebs were in on the joke, so it always gave me a chuckle.

2. Everyday French With Pierre Escargot

I could listen to Keenan Thompson speak fake French all day and still find it hilarious. Someone call SNL to get this back in motion!

3. Anything Coach Kreeton

Nothing beats Kel Mitchell in his prime. This hour-long compilation confirms that.

4. The Inconvenience Store

A lot was said about Keenan and Kel, but I think Nick Cannon's talent was severely overlooked during his time on the sketch comedy show.

5. The Loud Librarian

Lori Beth Denberg could always be counted on for some comedic genius. Even when the material wasn't funny, she still was. "THIS IS A LIBERRY YOU MUST BE QUIET," is something I quote on the daily.

6. Ask Ashley

Amanda Bynes had an incredibly promising career ahead of her, and we all saw her talent from a young age. Unfortunately, that was all but derailed after a stretch of drugs and alcohol, but the actress seems to be doing better now. Maybe she should have asked Ashley for advice.

7. Vital Information

In what can be described as a mashup of Weekend Update and Peter Griffin's What Grinds My Gears, Lori Beth Denberg once again slayed us all as she gave us "vital information" like:

  • If it looks bad, smells bad, and tastes bad, then it might be... this old burrito!
  • If your phone rings, pick it up. If your butt rings, see a doctor.
  • To get your teacher's attention, it's a bad idea to scream "Hey look over here you freakish animal."

8. Island Girls

Two girls stranded on an island and all they have to keep them company is coconuts? Gold.

9. Chit Chat

Giovannie Samuels was an unsung hero on All That, but this sketch where she could toss people out the window when things were boring is perfect.

10. Sugar and Coffee

This was a sketch from the later seasons, but I always remember loving it. I also would not mind having one of those industrial coffee machines now.

11. The Spice Girls Sketch

I don't even think this sketch has a name? But it doesn't matter. The Spice Girls are in it, and they're answering questions about thermodynamics.

12. Good Burger

Don't worry, I didn't forget Good Burger.

What's your favorite "All That" sketch?