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20 Things We All Did As Teens That Will Make You Go "Wow, I Was The Worst"

Being a teenager is neither fun nor easy. You're starting to become more independent, you want to be treated like an adult, and worst of all, you're a ball of raging hormones that feels like nobody understands them.

The thing is though, everyone goes through it at some point, and it eventually gets to the point where we look back on those years and go "Oh god, I needed to relax." In particular, we're all guilty of at least a few of these 20 things, and it still makes us cringe to think about it.

Leaving passive-aggressive messages to your friends in AIM statuses.


Being mean to our parents when they were literally just worried about us.

Priceless Parenting

Being loud and obnoxious in stores because we thought we were the coolest (we weren't).

Daily Mail

Losing our minds if we saw our one-week GF/BF talking to another member of the opposite sex.


Refusing to wear gloves or boots because our coolness protected us from the cold (except it didn't).

Mr. Cavalier

"Forgetting" our lunches so we could buy fries from the caf (or even worse, throwing them out).

Whole Child

Keep reading for even more trips back into our blunder years...

Emo phases. All of the emo phases.


Doing horrendous things to our friends when they passed out.


Tagging all your friends except for the one you were fighting with for no good reason.


Dating our friend's ex like right after they broke up.


Adding random strangers on Myspace because your friend count was the most important thing ever.

Digital Spy

Making out in the hallways day in and day out.

Huffington Post

Sneaking alcohol onto school field trips and ruining things for everybody.


Seriously, I STILL feel really bad about some of these next ones...

Hiding the tests we failed, thinking our parents would never find out (which they always did).


Sharing way, WAY too much of your personal life on the internet.

Huffington Post

Smoking in the house and being convinced your parents couldn't smell it.

Huffington Post

Thinking that using up a can of AXE Body Spray counted as a shower.


Not telling our friends about parties because we didn't think they were cool enough.


Sending your best friend to dump your now-ex because you didn't have the guts.

Daily Mail

Totaling our parents's cars because we just HAD to do burnouts and donuts.


What things do you regret doing in high school?