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Best Betting Strategies for Newbies

UEFA Champions League, Europa League, Formula 1, Tennis, Basketball, or winter sports.

No matter your preferences, there are major sporting events across the planet almost every day.

Meanwhile, betting providers have become as much a part of sports as football stadium beer and sausage.

Of course, people interested in sports betting often ask themselves: what should I bet on?

For example, do I have to make a single bet? Or should I combine some tips?

Read along and find out the proper answers on the topic of betting strategies.

Check out some of the to-be mentioned topics throughout this article:

  1. Single Bet Strategy
  2. Combined Bets
  3. Overall Betting Strategies
  4. Final Thoughts

Betting Strategies for Individual Bet Types

Now we will see step by step which betting strategies we consider suitable. Starting with single and ACCA types of betting, we'll also look at the latest trends in the betting industry.

Also, you should take a look at the most trustable and well-rated bookmakers that are around out there.

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Single bets

So-called “single bets” are by far the most popular bet type. But why?

First, because the risk can usually be minimized. Professional sports bettors, therefore, seek to define a long-term strategy to increase their profits. Combination bets offer better odds, but they also carry significantly higher risk. Is there an example of a single bet?

Of course there is!

The question often arises: what should I bet on? Should I take fewer risks? Do I choose low odds with high stakes? Can I protect my bets in any way?

However, there are many betting strategies to get the best possible profit. By far the most popular and simplest betting strategy is by far the single bet. Sports betting professionals trust this system because they are looking for a long-term goal.

With combination or system betting, the focus is more on maximizing short-term profit. With single bets, you bet on single long term events with small amounts.

Want to learn more, have the single bet explained and access to a handy calculator?

Data is Everything You Need

Many punters think that it is not possible to earn a lot of money with simple bets. Some thoughts on this:

First, it is advisable not to bet large amounts. Even if you think you have a good knowledge, there are always surprises.

Second, the magic word is data.

Before placing a bet, it is necessary to know the current form of the chosen team, if there are any important players, etc. In our betting tips for today, you can see what we mean by this. Many gamblers interested in sports betting do not provide or have little information and are disappointed when a bet is lost. However, this can be easily avoided.

Single vs ACCA

With a single bet, you bet on a single event and, at best, receive a profit.

With an ACCA, you must combine at least two events and then, you’ll see the odds multiplied. Of course, the overall odds are much higher, but so is the risk. In the Champions League betting tips, both types of bets are very popular, but you should be careful.

Only with a larger budget is it advisable to bet, even once, in slightly larger amounts. In the end, of course, you are responsible for your own luck. But especially to enter the world of sports betting, single bets (with low stakes) are absolutely recommended.

Single Bet Strategy Example

Let’s say that hypothetically, we are betting that the match between Atlético Madrid and Juventus will end up all square.

Odds for them to end with a draw is at around 3.10. If our suggestion is correct, we received 31 euros, which means a net profit of 21 euros. But do you want to earn a little more? Then we have something for you too.

That’s Where ACCAs Come to Action!

ACCA bets are very popular, especially with Champions League betting tips. One thing is certain: here, the emotion is not short. However, there is also a big downside here: the risk is much higher than with simple bets.

For example, if you combine several single bets on football, you will get odds of 10.00 or faster. But surely, you’ll also see the likelihood of your bet to happen decrease considerably.


For many people interested in sports betting, ACCA betting is now almost part of the norm.

While watching your favorite team on the couch, you expect multiple events to happen at the same time. That means you’ll have a fun and exciting time while betting!

However, it cannot be stressed enough: even if the profit is exponentially greater than with simple bets, the risk is exactly the same.

Therefore, you must have already built up a certain sports betting budget to enter the dangerous terrain of ACCA betting. But it's fun anyway.