Microsoft Tried To Kill Their Greatest Creation, But The Internet Wouldn't Let It Die

Everyone panicked when Microsoft announced that that there were a whole bunch of features that they were abandoning in future releases and updates. @Andiblair1492The said they were getting rid of Outlook Express, the Reader app and a few other functions, but the one that caught everyone off guard was them saying that Microsoft Paint would not longer be available. There was panic in the streets! Chaos everywhere you could see! And the sobbing cries of 90s kids who know no system better than Paint. Seriously, just look at the outpouring of love this program got: @DigiUnbox@Laura_Lou81@JustShutUpAdam_@bt_

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10 Feelings We All Experienced While Illegally Downloading Music

Downloading music may not have been legal, but it's something that most of us has done AT LEAST once or twice. Wikimedia CommonsWhether it was because we couldn't afford to buy all the albums we wanted, the convenience of having it as a digital file or just the fact that we wanted to seem rebellious, we have all given it a try. LimeWire, Kazaa, Napster and other downloading software were basically on everyone's computers in the early 2000s. There were this shared community feeling that accompanied opening up those programs, if you ever used them this will bring you right


Atari Is Releasing Their Own Version Of The NES/SNES Mini

While Nintendo has been the lasting name for video games consoles we grew up playing, there are plenty of us old enough to remember when Atari was the brand to beat in the console wars.The company has certainly struggled in recent years, but thanks to the popularity of all things nostalgic, it looks like they're aiming to make a comeback. At E3 back in June, Atari teased their new "Ataribox," which would be their first console since the Atari Jaguar came off the market in 1996. The problem was their teaser video was almost too vague, leaving everyone confused


The Original Cell Phone Games You Forgot You Used To Love

There was nothing as important as getting your first cell phone. That's how you knew you were finally grown up. Now, kids get cell phones when they are still just little, but when we were younger, our parents made us wait until we were "responsible enough" to handle it. First PostHaving a phone was pretty much the best. You could talk to your friends without worrying about your parents listening in. You also could take your phone on the go so you could pretend like you were important enough to need to be reached whenever. The absolute best part of