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9 Toys From The 90s You Can Still Buy, Because You're A Damn Adult

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Just for a moment, try to remember Christmastime in the 20th century...It was a simpler time, where it wasn't about just about getting the most up-to-date gadget, or the latest trending item. It was about waking up on Christmas morning and seeing that one gift you asked for under the tree.

Let's see if these popular gifts were the ones you hoped for on those Christmases long ago!

1990: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Following the release of their wildly popular movie, these action figures were all the rage when we were growing up. The live-action turtles are a little hard to take seriously now, but the toys that you could play with were super cool on their own!

It was cool having the choice between a variety of fighting styles: Leonardo's Sword, Donatello's Bo Staff, Raphael's Daggers, and the lovable Michaelangelo's swinging Nunchuk's.   You can pick up your favorite ninja here!

1992: Nintendo Game Boy

This was the first handheld video game device many of us ever picked up, and it is amazing to see where technology has now brought us. If you can remember having to switch between cartridges and mashing that "A" button, you definitely had a good decade! Get back to gaming with one of these collectibles!

1993: Talkboy

This audio cassette player and recorder had originally premiered in the hugely popular movie Home Alone 2: Lost In New York. It was so sought-after during the holiday shopping season that the manufacturer, Hasbro, eventually had to pull their ads. If you want to buy one now-a-days, it's gonna cost yah.

1994: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

Stores could do nothing against the swarm of kids and parents who tore these toys off of the shelves in time for Christmas Day. The sci-fi franchise about warriors defending Earth from evil dinosaur aliens was the best, and their action figures were a great way to feel like you were part of the Power Ranger Team! Relive those memories this holiday by picking up your own!

1995: Beanie Babies

Who else remembers collecting these adorable stuffed animals when they were younger? Maybe you can also remember people fighting in the stores to get their hands on these immensely popular toys. Some of them were pretty rare, but we played with them all, just the same! Finish your collection this Xmas by picking up the last of the set!

Do you remember your favorite toys from the second half of the 90s?

1996: Tickle Me Elmo

Oh my gosh! Do you remember this little guy when you were growing up? Our favorite character from Sesame Street just needed a quick tickle to get going, and then we would all be laughing! It's no surprise that they sold out almost immediately, with the entire stock of 1 million gone within the year. It's not too late to find one of your own to start cuddling though, take a look here to find yours today!

1997: Tamagotchi

Now there's a name I haven't heard for some time... It took us weeks to learn how to pronounce the name, but for those of us who managed to keep these little guys alive beyond that, they were the tops!

These virtual pets were everywhere, and it's not surprising. 15 Tamagotchis sold every single minute across North America! If you wanted one from way back when, then look no further and get ready to adopt your newest friend!

1998: Furby

Okay, we've all seen the demon Furby videos, but come on, they were pretty cool even if they weren't spouting creepy messages!

Their soft fur, cute little eyes, and baby-like features were perfect for kids wanting a pet of their own, but one that didn't require feeding (besides your finger every now and then). They still needed their sleep though!

Get lost in nostalgia by picking one up and giving it a home this holiday season!

1999: Pokemon

They were the absolute, most popular franchise from the whole decade, Pokemon still have a strong hold on the youth of today because of their TV shows, movies, trading cards, video games, and of course, toys!

It was right after the movie came out that you could start your own journey to becoming a Pokemon master by picking up one at your local Burger King. Missed out before the new millennium? Grab your starter Pokemon on Amazon and get going now!

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