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10 Things From Your Childhood You Never Knew Had A Name

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When you were growing up, either things had a distinct name or they were a thingamajig.

Not everything had a simple, memorable, or straight forward name like LEGO, Beanie Babies, or Barbie.

Here are 10 things you clearly recall to have seen or played with when you were a kid, but you never knew had a proper name.

1. Pins...? Needles...? That thing...?

It's called the pin screen. We weren't that far off.

2. We were all obsessed with drawing this cool "S" in our notebooks. Can you believe that it has a name?

It's called the Super S Stussy, the Super S, or Stussy.

Seriously, where did "Stussy" come from? People are still calling it the "Cool S," so let's just go with that...  

3. We know the chocolate is called Hershey's Kisses, but that little strip of paper also has a name.

Hershey's Kisses

It's called Niggly Wiggly.

4. What was this toy called other than that thing you find at the doctor's office?

It's called Bead Table or Wooden Bead Roller Coaster.

5. Seriously, what were these?

Apparently, Water Wigglies. I feel wiggly just looking at it.

6. This...magic...thingamajig that kept you busy.

This optical illusion toy is called Jacob's ladder.

7. This soft, jeweled, metal thing had a name.

It was called the Mandala Toy or Magic Loops.

8. Weren't these just pencils that had mini pencils in them? Well, apparently not.

They are called "Pop-a-Point" pencils.

9. Who knows why we wanted this plastic, noisy toy, but then we have to ask ourselves why children today want fidget spinners?

These are called clackers. The name perfectly describes them.

10. Our precious Beanie Babies had monetary value when that heart-shaped tag was on them, but did you know that the tag has a name? And so does the tag on your Beanie's butt.

Beanie Babies

The heart-shaped tag is called the "swing tag," and the one on its butt is called a "tush tag." Of course it would be.

Did you know any of these names when you were a kid?

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