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Scrunchies Are Back In Style But They've Been Given A New Name And A Crazy New Price Tag

Who else still owns scrunchies? Everyone, right? They are perfect to hold up all that hair, especially if you want to leave it crease free, not to mention they look super cute and remind us all of the glorious 90s. Well, apparently they have been out of style for a while now (news to me) but they are starting to make their comeback. The only thing is, they have a brand new name.

That's right, people are trying to 'rebrand' scrunchies to help make them cool again. Not only are they getting a new name, but they are getting a heck of a lot more expensive.

They were spotted at New York Fashion Week, where hairstylist Laurent Philippon was asked to add them into the model's hair. “When I heard scrunchie, I was like, ‘Ahhh! My nightmare!’” they said of the iconic hair accessory. “But it’s actually done in a very cool way.”

They kept the scrunchies loose in their hair, saying that “Loose is key. It’s better when it looks a little bit messy.”

Other designers have jumped on the trend, but their so-called 'new and improved' scrunchies have a new name and a huge price tag...

What name could they have possibly come up with than scrunchie? Well, designer Line Sander Johansen has a brand new collection that he is calling 'Hair Clouds'.

We are not kidding. The craziest part about them is that they cost around $100 EACH!


"The Hair Cloud as I named it, instead of the mixed feelings I had about the scrunchie concept, is based on the idea of them looking like silk clouds around the hair, when tied a bit effortless in a bundle,” Johansen said of his creation.

He turns vintage Hermes silk scarves to make the hair accessory have that extra touch of style. However, those aren't the only ones on the market. There are many places that are currently selling good old fashioned scrunchies for reasonable prices, so you can keep up with the trends without spending a fortune.

Remember how cool scrunchies were when we were kids? They were honestly the best thing in the world. Let's be real, they never stopped being the best. At least now it'll be a lot easier to find cute styles!