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10 Of Our Favorite Childhood Snacks We Still Secretly Love As Adults


Children's taste buds are pretty standard, they like anything sugary or unhealthy. As you grow up, you find new loves for different flavors and foods. As your palette expands, you tend to forget about your favorite childhood foods, that is until you have kids.

Although I still eat like a normal human, some of my favorite childhood snacks still have a place in my heart, and they are my guilty pleasure. Here are 10 of our childhood favorites that we still can't say no to.

1. Grilled cheese

I think when I am 80 years old, I will still love a grilled cheese sandwich for lunch. Sometimes the simplest things taste the best, especially when there's bread and cheese involved. When I was growing up, my dad would always make me a grilled cheese for lunch almost every Saturday. Whenever I have one it takes me back.

2. Peanut butter and jelly

I don't have these often, but it's still a go-to when there's nothing else to eat in the house. Every time I eat a Pb & J sandwich, it instantly takes me back to my childhood lunches and I love it!

3. Ice cream

No explanation necessary, everyone loves ice cream and if you don't, you're lying. It's amazing that now we can just buy ice cream when we want it, but when we were kids and our parents offered us ice cream, it was a similar feeling to winning gold at the Olympics... I can imagine.

4. Macaroni and Cheese

This is by far my favorite on the list. I'm not talking about homemade mac and cheese, I'm talking about the boxed stuff. In my opinion, the boxed stuff is a completely different than homemade.

When I was growing up, I used to think that this was a huge treat to get for dinner, but now that I am an adult, I realize that my mom just was too lazy to cook, and I respect that. Pro tip: Try boxed macaroni and cheese with a bit of hot sauce, it is heaven.

5. Chicken nuggets

Preferably McDonald's, but the frozen ones are good too. Sometimes I still go to McDonald's and order a Happy Meal, because it's the perfect amount of food and makes me remember how exciting McDonald's used to be.

6. Donuts

I went from donuts and milk when I was a kid, to donuts and coffee now. It's the most well balanced breakfast you can have, right?

7. Corn dogs

I haven't had a corn dog in years, but I would love to have one again. There's something so wrong yet so right about a hot dog that is breaded. I think that's why I love it.

8. Goldfish

I am not going to lie, I buy a bag of these every time I go to the grocery store, and they are for me not my kids.  

9. Apple sauce

There's something about having warm apple sauce in the fall that I will always love.

10. Fruit gummies

It's not like I eat these on the regular but whenever I buy them for my daughter, I always steal a packet for myself. My mom never bought these for me when I was growing up, so if I get the opportunity, you bet I'm going to eat them.

What childhood snack is still your guilty pleasure?