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These Commercials From The 80s Will Make You Laugh And Cry

Stampsy / Youtube / That Eric Alper

It was an era of fun, weird fashion, and an awkward mix of big-city and small-town vibes. The 80s were a wonderful time in America as we embraced brands for their ability to make us laugh, and sometimes cry, in our living rooms and at the dinner table.

Here are a few reminders of how the big brands used to look.

Like this commercial for Walmart and their latest fashion line

The store had been around since the 60s, but twenty years on already had stores across the country. This spring line complete with roller-skates makes us sort of crave to be back in those simpler times.

Or this upbeat ad from Coca-Cola that still makes us want to get up and dance

While we are no stranger to their dancing ads now, this rockin' tune feels like a timeless classic. Nice touch, Coke.

Let's see if you remember this heartwarming TV spot by Folgers

The story of 'Peter' and his coming home for Christmas to surprise his family will have you calling your family or putting on a fresh pot. Looking back at this nostalgia piece makes us all tear up, maybe just a little...

How about this adorable video of a girl who can't wait for her McDonalds

We all know the feeling of promising our kids, family, and friends a snack from those golden arches for getting through a tough time. Let's applaud the girl for her witty lyrics, and McDonalds for making us laugh 30 years later.

Check out more of these vintage commercials from brands who seem totally different today!

Here's a 1984 TV ad for Apple that broke boundaries even back then

The ad comes off as rather clever, even if it is a little outdated, and it adheres to Apple's branding as an innovator of affordable technology.

This Target commercial will make you cry, for all the wrong reasons

I'm still trying to figure out which is more jarring, the pastel colors or the marching band choreography?

Johnson & Johnson knew just how to hit us in the feels

The commercial almost looks like a home video and shows how a simple moment of a baby touching their mother's hand for the first time was the right formula for making us break down.

Can you remember any other moments from the 80's when a brand moved you? Tell us who!