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Disney Has Released New 90s Themed Merchandise, And Now We've Got To Go Shopping

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I think we can all all agree that Disney movies are basically perfect right?

Sure, there are some aspects of them that are a little outdated when it comes to the princesses, but our nostalgia filters have kind of blurred all of those lines anyways, so we can just appreciate them for being great.

The songs, the stories, and all the characters were the stars of our childhoods, and we were all lucky enough to grow up during the famous Disney renaissance that brought us a whole new era of classics.

Another bonus of living through the 90s meant that we were treated with a new influx of merchandise that was all targeted at us.

Maybe it was all the new kids channels that meant commercials all day long, but it felt like every five minutes there was some new Disney-themed toy or outfit.

I can say that probably about 80% of my wardrobe and about 90% of my furnishings were some sort of Disney-themed outfit. Whether it was The Little Mermaid, The Lion King, or Beauty and the Beast, I was almost always dressed in Disney gear.

Little Mermaid Bedroom
See, this was my childhood bedroom. Notice the excessive 'Little Mermaid' theme?Tanya Ruiter

Well, Disney is having a genius marketing plan once again, because they are once again targeting us 90s kids, but this time they are bringing us stuff we can use as adults.

We don't really need stuffed animals and party dresses, but coffee mugs, pins, and clothes are things we can actually use!

The best part is they've styled it all like the stuff we used to be able to buy back in the 90s. For example:

VHS Case Journals

Those iconic white puffy VHS cases are unforgettable, but because none of us own VHS players anymore (or if we do they are on their way out) we can instead buy a cute little journal that looks just like our old favorites.

They've got it all!

A Goofy Movie


Beauty and the Beast

The Lion King


The Hunchback of Notre Dame

The inside covers and first pages of these journals even look like they have their respective movies inside! See:


They also turned them into cute little keychains, which can brighten up anyone's boring old key ring.

Hercules Pin Set

Having some super cute pins will let you add some nostalgic flair to anything you want. Represent one of the most underrated movies with these cute decorations.


You obviously need cups, so why not have a little bit of fun with it? They've got some super cute options.

Snow White's Poisoned Apple

Flounder cup with a straw

A collection of Beauty and the Beast cups

VHS Clutches

Just like all the journals, there are also clutches that look like all of the covers as well! Here's what one looks like:

A 'Genie' Jacket

See what I did there? Well, This jean jacket features not only the Genie himself, but it's got the magic carpet on the back!

A Lion King Clock

You can also get a brand new clock for your home that features the characters from the Lion King.

There are so many different items to choose between, so it's definitely worth checking out.

What was your favorite Disney movie in the 90s?