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Does Green Tea Really Help Weight Loss?

Photo by Jia Ye on Unsplash

Unfortunately for social media aficionados, weight loss fads promoted on TikTok or Instagram rarely, if ever, work. Hydration is one of the key conditions for shedding extra pounds, and unsweetened drinks are high on the list. As a result, green tea is touted as the ultimate weight loss drink, but is this really true?

Can Green Tea Help With Weight Loss?

Of course, green tea is not a miracle substitute for a balanced lifestyle. Still, like Delta 8 infused flower, it will help you achieve your fitness goal. Moreover, this sugar-free beverage has better weight loss properties than plain H2O.

According to Stefani Sassos, MS, RDN, CDN, Registered Dietitian for the Good Housekeeping Institute, a few cups per day can complement a healthy diet and help you shed pounds gradually. Here are some of the proven positive effects:

  • It normalizes metabolism

Green tea contains around 5 times less caffeine than coffee — just up to 14 mg per cup. Still, this content is enough for a mild effect. Caffeine contributes to weight loss by speeding up metabolism and increasing the amount of energy your body uses.

The same effects are produced by catechins, which are also powerful antioxidants. When you drink green tea regularly, your body starts burning more calories during trivial actions like cooking or sitting. Catechins will help it break down excess fat.

  • It ramps up workouts

Caffeine stimulates the nervous system. It also acts as an “ergogenic aid” — a substance that enhances energy production, use, and recovery. You may perform better in your gym sessions as long as you don't go to extremes. Too much caffeine can lead to anxiety and an upset stomach!

  • It can help you cut back on sugar

Sugar is one of the biggest health saboteurs, so stick to sugar-free and calorie-free drinks. Green tea is a great option to incorporate into your diet in this regard. It will also positively influence your blood pressure and cholesterol, bringing the risk of heart disease down thanks to its polyphenol content.

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What About Supplements?

The supplement industry offers a plethora of products containing green tea extracts. However, it is always best to stick to food and beverages in their whole form.

The problem with supplements is that big doses of any single vitamin, mineral or nutrient can be toxic. An overdose of green tea extracts may even cause liver damage! Just make yourself a cup of the brew to get nourishment and hydration.

To Sum Up

Green tea can help you in your weight loss journey, but do not expect miracles. The effects are relatively mild. However, the drink provides multiple benefits for your overall health and well-being. It will lower the risk of heart disease, increase the amount of antioxidants and help you relax.