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Drop Everything! The Patronus Test Is Live On Pottermore!

That's right Potter fans, the test we have all been waiting for is finally available! You can now find out what your Patronus would be. Obviously very important to know in case you need to fight some dementors or send a message to your wizard friends. J.K Rowling has been teasing Potter fans about the potential of a Patronus quiz since Pottermore first started, and when the redesign happened a lot of people thought it might be available sooner. Well, it took a while but here we are, ready to find out what our special protector will be!

The 3D style environment asks you questions that are timed as you make your way around the dark forest. As you answer it leads you around the edge of a pond as if you are searching for your new companion.

I haven't seen any information on how many animals there are to chose between, but given the results of my test it isn't just the ones from the books and movies. Even in the title screen before you begin they have some that aren't mentioned in the series, including a fox and a bear.

People are sharing their results all over twitter giving you a little bit of insight into the options available.