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10 Quirky Facts About "When Harry Met Sally" You Probably Didn't Know


When Harry Met Sally is one of the best romantic movies ever. Even though it was released almost 30 years ago, it is still a classic. There are actually a lot of quirky facts about this movie that you probably didn't know. Here are 10 facts about When Harry Met Sally, you probably didn't know:

1. Harry's character was based off director, Rob Reiner.

Nora Ephron, the writer of the film, interviewed him before writing the script and used insights while developing Harry's character. Ephron also wanted Reiner to considered taking the role of Harry, but he decided against it.

2. Sally's character was based off writer, Nora Ephron.

She describes herself as, "optimistic, cheerful, a control freak, and the type of person who's "just fine" with everything," so she wanted to make Sally the same way. Sally's eating habits are even based off of Ephron's picky eating.

2. Rob Reiner is featured in the movie, sort of.

At the New Years Eve party, the off-screen voice that says, "Hey everybody, 10 seconds until New Years," is actually Reiner's voice. Saves having to hire an actor I guess.

3. Molly Ringwald was originally offered the role of Sally.

She had to decline the role because her schedule was too busy to take it on. She later played Sally in the stage version in London in 2004.

4. Harry and Sally weren't supposed to end up together.

Remember the amazing proposal scene that made the entire movie? Yeah, that wasn't supposed to happen. The script was originally written for the two to separate at the end of the movie. What changed this was, Harry being based on the director, Rob Reiner. When they began filming Reiner wasn't seeing anyone, but by the end he had met his future wife and decided to change the ending of the film.

5. It was one of the most lucrative films of 1989.

This movie made $92,961,960 according to The Numbers. It ranked in, ahead of The Little Mermaid, Christmas Vacation, and Field of Dreams.

6. The orgasm scene was Meg Ryan's idea.

It was in the script that they were to talk about women faking orgasms, until Meg Ryan made the suggestion that Sally should actually fake one right there at the table. This scene was shot many times, and apparently Ryan had to re-do this for hours. This scene was filmed at Katz's Deli on New York's E. Houston Street. The table where the scene was filmed now has a sign above it that reads, "Where Harry met Sally... hope you have what she had!"

7. Princess Diana had a private screening of the movie.

She invited all of her friends to a private screening of this movie at Buckingham Palace. She also attended the London premiere of the film.

8. Tom Hanks, Michael Keaton, Albert Brooks, and Richard Dreyfuss were all considered for the role of Harry.

They then decided on Billy Crystal because they thought "He was the best one," Reiner told Howard Stern. He went on to say that he definitely doesn't regret his decision because he nailed the role, as well as, contributed to the film like crazy.

9. Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan had instant chemistry.

Billy Crystal told Entertainment Weekly, "And then Meg came in and we didn’t even read a scene, and we all knew it was her. It’s just one of those indefinable things that when we started talking we were them already, you know?" I probably wouldn't want to hear that if I was his wife.

10. They gave Meg Ryan glasses because they thought she was too attractive for Billy Crystal.

They somehow thought that Meg Ryan would be uglier if she wore a pair of glasses in the movie. Cheryl Shuman, who is now known as "The Cannabis Queen of Beverly Hills," used to supply eye wear for movies. Weird career transition. She brought 200 pairs for Meg Ryan to pick from but Meg ended up wearing Shuman's own personal glasses for the movie.

What is your favorite quirky fact about When Harry Met Sally?