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You Can Take This Foldable Tiny Home Anywhere, And Now Everyone's Obsessed

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I don't know anyone who doesn't dream about owning a tiny home.

This social trend has inspired many people to downsize in order to live in compact, affordable housing.

My friends are still living in the tiny home they built more than a decade ago, and they've saved so much money.

Other people have transformed trailers or school buses into a personalized living space.

Technology has allowed new companies to turn these tiny homes into something truly remarkable.

The creativity and ingenuity behind some of these designs will wow you.

What's On The Market

As the tiny home movement becomes more popular, there are so many homes you can choose from to suit all your needs.

If you're 65 and above, "granny pods," also known as the MEDCottage, is a mini-mobile home that can be parked in a backyard and hooked up to the main home's electrical and water unit.

Facebook / MEDCottage

They're equipped with safety features that allows the elderly to live independently, but also have access to medical support any time they need it.

For example, these 400-square-feet cottages have webcams installed close to the floor in case someone collapses. That way, family members would be able to see them lying on the floor and would call for help.

Other tiny homes that are getting a lot of attention are ones that can be built by robots in less than a day.

These 650-square-feet homes currently cost $10,000, but the startup company that makes them wants to bring down the cost to as little as $4,000!

People who have tiny homes are able to save bucket loads of money. And now that they've got more money in their wallets, they're able to splurge on something like really nice vacations.

My friends who built their tiny home say the only thing they wish their tiny home could do was fold up so that they could bring it on their long adventures.

Nowadays that's a possibility.

The Home You Can Take Anywhere

Ten Fold Engineering, a UK company, created a tiny home called the uBox.

It's approximately 645 square feet, but can fold to about half that size at the push of a button.

"In our new world, we need agility because things change all the time," David Martyn, the founder of the company, told CNN. "Nothing else can be moved at the speed that modern life demands ... You could have it up on a mountain in the winter and on the beach in the summer."

These houses can be stacked like shipping containers, making them perfect for people who travel often.

"We tried to develop something that could be transported using traditional systems like trucks; that could unload without cranes or workmen; and that could be done in minutes, so you didn't lose any time," he said.

This ready-to-use home doesn't just make for a great living space, they can also be used as offices, restaurants, or shops.


The Beach Hut

The Shoe Store

First Aid Center

Moot Hall

Office Spaces

The Cabin

A Modern Office

The Mobile Supermarket

The Inside

The company has so many design concepts that it'd take hours to look through, but here's what the inside of one of their homes would look like:

And here's another:

If you'd like to see how these tiny homes unfold, watch a video of it here:

What's On Everyone's Mind

I know you're thinking about all the things that could go wrong with this tiny home, but trust me the people who made this foldable space thought of these questions too.

First, the levers move very slowly and the sides move outwards, so you're not going to get squashed!

These homes have a lot of windows, but they're all properly insulated and can adapt to any extreme environment.

The only thing that worries me is the price.

The product is still at its first stages, so it costs a lot of money. Each unit is estimated to cost upwards of $129,000.

That being said, tiny homes that can used for more than just housing people is a game changer.

While there are many tiny homes on the market that cost as little as $10,000, having a reliable and portable home as nice as these Ten Fold homes may be worth it for some people.

Would you ever consider buying one of these foldable tiny homes? Let us know why!

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