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6 Forgotten Toys That Will Make You Wonder How Anyone Survived Childhood In The 60s

The 60s and 70s were kind of a wild time. There was a lot going on politically, but for those of us who were just kids, we were just concerned with one thing: toys. Nothing else really mattered.

Looking back, a lot of the stuff from our childhoods were pretty strange. How many of these things do you recognize?

Hypo-Squirt Needle

For some reason, Hasbro thought it would be fine to make a toy that looked like a big needle. It was actually just a water gun, but it became a complete PR nightmare when the media started to call it a "junior junkie kit". It was recalled shortly after it was released.

Super Elastic Bubble Plastic

Having colorful bubbles from your chewing gum may have seemed cool, but it was actually super dangerous. The rainbow colored plastic was filled with acetone and petroleum-based products. It would often cause dizziness and could lead to a coma.

The Little Lady Stove

This little stove is kind of like an Easy Bake Oven, only that instead of heating up just a little bit to slowly cook a cookie, it would heat up to 600 degrees Fahrenheit. That's hotter than most real stoves? Apparently some adults would buy them for their apartments if they lived alone.

Other toys were recalled and banned thanks to how dangerous they were...

"Jarts Missle Game" AKA Lawn Darts

I think we all know how dangerous lawn darts can be, but it wasn't until the 80s that they were banned. One father successfully lobbied to have the toys banned after his daughter was killed. It was reported that in one year alone there were 6,100 people in the emergency room thanks to lawn darts.

Water Wiggle

They have made other versions of this that were less dangerous, but the Water Wiggle was a little less predictable than those. This thing was a lot less restricted in its movement so it would often just wrap itself around a kid completely or hit them in the face.

Swing Wing

A hula hoop for your head, how fun! Except it wasn't... Instead it just caused a lot of whiplash, neck problems and even vertigo for the kids who played with it.

Do you remember playing with any of these when you were a kid?