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10 'Golden Girls' Tattoos That Totally Say "Thank You For Being A Friend"

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The Golden Girls was one of those shows that managed to transcend generations. It didn't matter if you were 15 or 50, chances are you were watching this show.

We couldn't get enough of them, even when they had more than enough of each other. It seems like their impact on the world is lasting through the years, and now people seem to want to get a bunch of tattoos to truly thank them for being a friend.

Do you think you would ever get a Golden Girls tattoo? Check out these and see if there's something you'd consider.

1. A nice sunset tribute

Between Sophia's little purse and Blanche's sassy pose, it seems like they've got all four of them perfectly represented.

2. Cheesecake is a requirement

The Golden Girls wouldn't be the same without their iconic cheesecakes.

3. They really were a gift to us all

The gift we all were happy to receive, and one that we've all continued to treasure for years and years.

4. How much do you love the show? Enough to cover your entire torso with their faces?

You've got to have a lot of commitment to the show if you want to sit through this. It must have taken so, so many hours to get that level of detail, I honestly don't think I would have the patience.

5. Sometimes it's well worth the wait though

This one clearly took a lot of time and patience, but it's absolutely stunning.

6. You've got to be a fan down the road and back again

Sometimes the superfans get really excited about their tattoos, and who wouldn't, look at it, it's perfect!

7. Stay Gold, Golden Girls

Honestly, when you think you're going to look at Golden Girl tribute tattoos, you don't expect that they're going to be so intricate or huge. But you know what, when you love something you may as well go big or go home!

8. How about something a little more abstract?

It might take someone a second to know what it is referencing, but that way it's just a little secret for you! Personally I think it's pretty awesome.

9. OR, you could go really crazy with a doll-like version

The artist, Stacey Martin Smith, calls them Kooky Kewpie Doll tattoos and she's managed to make them look like a children's cartoon.

10. The problem is... It doesn't always go according to plan

I'm not sure what's going on with Sophia's face, but something is not right there...

Is there any show that you would be willing to tattoo on your body?

If Golden Girls isn't for you, then maybe one of these other cartoons or shows from your childhood would be better?

Seriously, there are infinite characters that you can get tattooed if you want to.

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