6 Facts About 'The Golden Girls' That Even The Most Die-Hard Fans Probably Haven't Heard

Before there was Carrie & Co., there was Rose, Dorothy, Blanche, and Sophia. Golden Girls was the daring sitcom that followed glamorous grannies and beloved by anyone who couldn't help but smile at their antics. We all remember the then-shocking bedroom humor from Miami's most provocative senior debutantes, whether we watched the show ourselves or looked on in horror as our mothers cracked up at their innuendos and sexual escapades. Little did we know there was a ton of drama going on backstage that would have made for an interesting few episodes by itself! Let's see how much you know about


They're Known For Being The Golden Girls, But Their Lives Before The Show Were Wild

Golden Girls is one of those classic shows that everyone remembers watching over and over. The show was so clever and funny, with the best cast possible. NBCThe women on this show were the absolute highlight. They each had a hilarious personality that fit so perfectly together. The actresses themselves are also incredible women. Their lives before and after the show were super fascinating. Ever wonder what the Golden Girls did before they were famous? Estelle Getty - Sophia PetrilloEven though she played the oldest character on Golden Girls, Estelle was actually younger than half of them! Both Betty White


14 Times Golden Girls Was Too Savage For Its Own Good

If you didn't grow up watching Golden Girls, did you really have a childhood?We have all been thanked for being a friend, for travelling down the road and back again. But really, is it not US who should be thanking THEM for years of entertainment?Blanche, Rose, Dorothy, and Sophia gave us laughs time and time again, but they also delivered some cold-blooded savageness that we didn't always catch as kids. Here are some of the best Golden Girls moments you may have forgotten. 1. https://welcometoyouredoom.tumblr.com/post/146993520620 2. Sherlock Isn't Gay3. TV House


Target Has Launched A Bunch Of Board Games That'll Help You Re-Live Your Childhood

Playing board games used to be what every kid thought of as fun. Now, most kids would rather play with a cellphone or computer. However, there is still a good portion of the population who are happy to sit down with a good ol' fashioned board game, but, a lot of us are older now. We do happen to be a little bit stuck in our ways, but we can't help but be nostalgic for our childhood, because simply put, everything from our childhood was better. We had the best TV shows, the best music, and the best movies, so


10 'Golden Girls' Tattoos That Totally Say "Thank You For Being A Friend"

The Golden Girls was one of those shows that managed to transcend generations. It didn't matter if you were 15 or 50, chances are you were watching this show. We couldn't get enough of them, even when they had more than enough of each other. It seems like their impact on the world is lasting through the years, and now people seem to want to get a bunch of tattoos to truly thank them for being a friend. Do you think you would ever get a Golden Girls tattoo? Check out these and see if there's something you'd consider. 1.

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10 Really Dark Moments From Our Favorite TV Shows Meant To Teach Us A Lesson

There were a lot of people telling us not to watch too much TV when we were young. I always remember that my Grammie would tell me that if I watched too much TV my eyes would go cross-eyed. But the thing is, watching TV was how we learned a lot of our really big lessons! Growing up in a small town before the internet existed, I tended to miss out on a lot of the big issues that our world had. I was in the self-contained bubble and while it was a nice and safe place to grow up