It's Morphing Time For These Cats In This Power Rangers Parody

If you grew up watching the five teenagers with attitude defend Angel Grove from evil monsters, you'll love this parody that casts five lazy cats as the Meower Rangers.

This is just the first in a new series of parody videos made by the Power Rangers company itself. These adorable kittens don't seem up to the task of defending the planet, but they're definitely rocking their costumes.

This video has lots of little Easter Eggs for Power Ranger fans too, like Zordon's new look, and a remixed version of the show's awesome theme song. There are no giant robots yet but this is just the first episode.

There's no word how many more of these cute videos we're in for, but we can't wait to find out. The new Power Rangers movie is still a few months away, but honestly it will just be a let down since it won't have any cats fighting evil.

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