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LEGO Version Of "IT" Opening Scene Is Equally As Terrifying

IT was the most anticipated movie of 2017, and it didn't disappoint. Bill Skarsgård was a terrifyingly brilliant Pennywise, and from now on I won't be going anywhere near a sewer grate.

"There was a scene we shot that was a flashback from the 1600s, before Pennywise [was Pennywise]," Skarsgård said. "The scene turned out really, really disturbing. And I'm not the clown. I look more like myself. It's very disturbing, and sort of a backstory for what IT is, or where Pennywise came from."

Bill SkarsgardDigitalSpy

The movie is, of course, based off the Stephen King novel of the same name and had a miniseries with Tim Curry.

“I had hopes, but I was not prepared for how good [the movie] really was,” Stephen King said. “It’s something that’s different, and at the same time, it’s something that audiences are gonna relate to. They’re gonna like the characters. To me, it’s all about character. If you like the characters… if you care… the scares generally work.”

Pennywise played by Tim CuryBuzzfeed

Perhaps the most iconic scene in IT is when Georgie meets Pennywise after his paper boat floats down the drain. Though it's bone-chilling in the movie, people have taken their own creative liberties by turning it into a meme.

The scene is so iconic, it's been the subject of many a remake. Brick Studios made the scene entirely out of LEGO, and honestly it might be more terrifying than the original.

To refresh your memory, this is the scene from 2017:

Now you know why clowns have such a bad reputation.

Brick Studios put this version together and it will make you equally as jumpy.

I can't even begin to imagine how long this would take, but more power to them!

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