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Go Planet! Leonardo DiCaprio Is Making A Captain Planet Movie

He's going to take pollution down to zero! Leonardo Dicaprio and his production company Appian Way Productions are in negotiations for the rights to Captain Planet and the Planeteers. The popular 90's cartoon featured five young people from around the world who would join together using the powers of the natural elements to summon Captain Planet. Together they could take out the "bad guys who like to loot and plunder".

They rumored writers of the script is a team-up between Jono Matt and Glen Powell. Of all the super heroes for DiCaprio to make a movie out of, this one seems to fit the most with his general interests. He is a constant advocate for climate change and environmental issues, so maybe he will even take on the mantel of Captain Planet himself!

You have to wonder if they are going to go more towards the Marvel comedy-route or a DC "gritty" version. If you watched any of the cartoon the idea of a gritty version of captain planet may seem ridiculous but keep in mind they are making an Aquaman movie and he looks pretty tough.


The Planeteers will hopefully get to be a big part of the movie and will once again use the powers of earth, fire, wind, water, and heart to summon their hero Captain Planet to stop environmental travesties. It isn't the first time that the rights to Captain Planet have been up for grabs. Sony Pictures were considering it at one point, but it fell through. More recently, Funny Or Die took a crack at it and made a hilarious series with Don Cheadle as the green-mullet-sporting hero.

Let's hope we get some more news on this movie soon!