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Your Favorite 'Mario Kart 64' Character Reveals The Truth About Your Personality


Playing Mario Kart was one of the most important things that you could do as a child. It was how you were going to develop that mental acuity needed in your day-to-day life.

Sure, you could learn some things at school, but Mario Kart taught us problem solving in ways that were actually fun.

You learned how to wait until someone was going over the big jump in Wario's Stadium before you used your lightning power, you learned where the glitches and cheats were, and most importantly, you developed a bond with one of the characters.

Anyone who has played more than one Grand Prix knows that there is one character that they HAVE to play as. It's not a preference, it's a requirement.

If you can't play as your desired character, you may as well just sit there quietly and wait for the next round because there's no point.

Luckily we don't all have the same favorite characters, otherwise we'd never get to play! But did you ever notice that there was some common thread between the people who wanted to be the same characters? It was like our first personality assessment.

Check out what your favorite Mario Kart 64 character says about you.


Sure, Mario is a well-rounded player who can speed up moderately fast and hold his own, but who is playing as Mario?

Well, the people who pick Mario are conformists. They like to go with the status quo and not make waves.

They are the type of person who wants to follow the rules, but that doesn't mean they don't like some adventure - it just needs to be at the right time.

They seem to be able to handle anything you throw at them though, even when it comes at the worst times, but they will definitely not be happy about it.


Probably one of the least popular options, Luigi isn't all bad. People who like to play as Luigi are confident and adaptable, and aren't afraid to stand up for what they believe is right.

They know that their opinions aren't always seen as correct, but they've got the facts to back them up and aren't afraid to share them. Sure, sometimes they seem like a know-it-all, but that's the cost of being right all the time.


The people who play as Peach are a special kind of hectic. They appear calm and collected on the outside, but inside their brains are screaming.

They've got a lot going on at once in their minds, but when they can really get focused on one specific thing, nothing can stop them from achieving their goals.

However, they may be a little bit whiny at times and get frustrated when things aren't going there way. But that's only because they know that no matter what they are doing it would have been better if it went how they planned.


The people who pick Toad are the kind of people who have a shocking amount of energy at the most inopportune moments. Pretty much whenever the person they are spending time with is feeling most tired, they will suddenly be energized up beyond belief.

Are they sucking the energy out of the people around them? No one can be sure.

But they also tend to be excellent planners. They are big fans of a schedule and will do everything in their power to keep everyone on track.


People who play as Yoshi may seem like they are quieter than most, but that's because they are always thinking three steps ahead. They are creative thinkers and are always trying to plan their next move.

Sometimes that gets them in trouble, as they tend to forget to pay attention to what's happening in the moment, but you can count on them to keep you on your toes.  


Sure, he's a little bit big and brutish, but people who play as D.K. are actually remarkably gentle people.

They tend to avoid confrontation in their real lives, and instead choose to act as diplomatically as possible.

However, when the game starts up they are happy to run you off the track, finally finding somewhere to release all that built-up stress.


Those who play as Wario do tend to be pretty opinionated and assertive in their real lives. They are quick tempered and determined, never allowing anyone to take advantage of them.

They are also very clever, and because of that they are capable of always getting what they want.


Even though Bowser himself is a big bully, that doesn't mean that the people who play as him are. It's actually quite the opposite.

People who play as Bowser are actually extremely sensitive and tend to have to put up a wall around themselves to protect their emotions.

They are also artistic and expressive people, who are willing to share their creative endeavors with the world. Just be careful if you hurt them though, because if they've gone to the trouble of letting you into their bubble and you do something wrong, oh boy, watch out.

Does your favorite Mario Kart 64 character represent you accurately?