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Universal Studios Has Apparently Started Building The Nintendo Park And We're Screaming

Pixabay - tmanga / Twitter - Ryan Theme Park

While it's been known since 2015 that Nintendo was teaming up with Universal to create a park that would give all of us a chance to explore our dream worlds, it's been a long time before we got any news.

But now, three years later, Universal has finally started building. I know, I'm screaming too.

The best thing about this park is that while the first one is getting built in Japan, they aren't stopping at one. The Nintendo theme park will be coming to both Orlando AND Hollywood.

That means we don't have to take these huge international trips to go to these places we've always wanted to see! Each coast is going to have their own amazing Nintendo theme park and you can guarantee that I'm going to be there.

Small Joys' article that reported the beginning of the park where every 80s and 90s kid is going to accidentally spend their life savings has gone completely viral with everyone absolutely frantic to get to the park as soon as it's complete.

A Twitter account shared some construction pictures claiming that they were of the initial building stages. While neither Nintendo or Universal haven't confirmed these truly were photos of their new rides, I think a lot of us just want to believe that it is because it'll just make us much happier.

I know it's maybe safer to stay a bit more skeptical, but it was just a few months ago that the park signed a deal to buy back some land they had sold so they could build another giant theme park in Florida.

They have 500 acres of land that has been acquired over the last few years, and a lot of rumored plans for the space.  

There have been a bunch of ideas thrown out, ranging from an extension to the Wizarding World portion, a Dreamworks studios area, but this Nintendo area is what has us the most excited.

Industry expert Dan Kline spoke with a podcast to discuss the theme park, and his financial expertise leads him to believe that this Nintendo park is their best bet.

“We know there will be a Mario Kart ride. About a month ago it became public that Universal Studios is building a fourth gate, another theme park, and they’ve amassed a big chunk of land to do that. It’s very logical to think that Nintendo is going to be the cornerstone, the Harry Potter of this new park.”

I don't know about you, but the current image that people are sharing of that this park is going to look like makes my whole heart happy. I cannot wait to check out Yoshi's Island, Hyrule castle and of course, Mario Kart Speedway.

The Japan location is expected to open in 2020, just ahead of the Osaka Olympics, and then the two American locations will follow.

Which of the proposed areas of the park are you most excited about?

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I cannot wait to go ride in a real Mario Kart!