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Michael Jackson's Secret Diary Revealed His Greatest Desire

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Michael Jackson didn't seem to have a choice when it came to stardom.

He was a talented singer and dancer from a working-class African-American family. He joined his father's band, Jackson 5, at a young age in the mid-'60s and recorded smash hits like "I Want You Back," "ABC," and "I'll Be There."

The Jackson 5 left Motown a decade later and became known as the Jacksons. Michael starred in a film that was a box-office failure, got a nose job (twice), and then co-produced his first solo album in 1979, Off The Wall. His subsequent albums, Thriller, which is the best-selling album of all time, Bad, and Dangerous helped him earn the title of "The King of Pop".

It's no doubt that Michael was born to be in the limelight, and for that reason, his unparalleled talent will be praised for generations to come.

However, Michael was known to have a private life. He didn't even let his children to go out in public without something covering their faces.

We were all aware of his philanthropic activity, but what did Michael really want for his life? What kind of impact did he truly want to have in the world?

After his sudden death in 2009, a secret diary revealed his deepest desire...

Here is a copy of Michael's diary entry that was written a few months before his passing.

"If I don't concentrate [on] film, no immortalization," he wrote.

He also wrote that he wanted to be better than Gene Kelly and Fred Astaire, who were argued to be one of the best dancers of the twentieth century.

He mentioned that he wanted Broadway theaters to produce a play about his life so that he could become the "first multi-billionaire entertainment-actor-director."

According to the diary, he also planned to launch a line of merchandise, which included soft drinks and cookies.

Thriller - Live, which has been performed around the world, is a two-and-a-half hour concert celebrating Michael Jackson's music career. This show emerged in early 2009, but it's still being performing to this day. Although it's not as big as Michael would have hoped, it's still something that "immortalizes" his legacy.

It's unclear how much of Michael's greatest desire will come true, but it's undeniable that his legacy will fade anytime soon.

In terms of dance, Michael is already renowned all around the world for his iconic dance moves. Check out Michael Jackson Dance Moves We All Tried (And Failed) To Copy to see the dancing legacy he left behind.

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