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It's Been Over 20 Years Since 'Space Jam' Came Out, But What Ever Happened To The Monstars?

Since the Looney Tunes started, they have been able to bring together the entire world with their hilarious cartoons. Whether we were watching Bugs give a haircut, Wile E. Coyote chase the Roadrunner, or Sylvester go after Tweety, there were infinite possibilities and all were entertaining.

But one story really beat out the rest as the most memorable, and that was Space Jam. You might not think that a silly 90s movie about basketball could top decades of cartoons, but guess what, it was pretty freakin' awesome if you ask me.

Space Jam
Warner Bros

Space Jam came out in 1996 and it was everything we wanted it to be. We had Bugs, Daffy, Porky, and the whole gang stepping into our world and stealing our favorite athlete of the 90s, Michael Jordan, and create a crazy story that we could never forget.

Honestly, I don't know how they came up with the idea, but it was all gold. Introducing the new characters of the Nerdlucks/Monstars was perfect, but it leaves us wondering, where have they ended up?

We've obviously kept up with all of the main stars, they pop back up every once and a while, but you know who we haven't seen in a while? The former Monstars team.

Space Jam Nerdlucks
Warner Bros.

After they gave back all their superpowers that they stole from the pro athletes, they were told they could stay with the Looney Tunes instead of going back with Mr. Swackhammer. They were safe from their big bully, but what did they get up to once they settled in town? Why haven't we seen them in any movies since?

Don't worry, we've got all the answers for you now.


Nerdlucks Null Spacejam
Warner Bros.

Bang started out as this tiny nervous little guy, and it's kind of fair, they were all being harassed by their boss, but he seemed like he took it the hardest.

Little Bang turned into a huge Monstar when he got his powers. He no longer was stuck feeling small and anxious, and instead he learned how it felt to be confident.

Spacejam Monstars
Warner Bros.

Even though he had to give back his powers, Bang had a newfound self esteem that he had never experienced before.  Now that he was back down to his usual size, he decided that his confidence should stay.

Bang moved into Looney Tunes Land and immediately found a place to go. Despite his small size, he decided that he enjoyed his muscles a lot, and really wanted them back. He did everything he could to build his arms and legs up, eventually managing to grow to a whopping 7 inches tall.

Now that he was totally ripped, Bang became a personal trainer to those other Tunes who have been letting themselves go. He's got weekly appointments with the Coyote and Sylvester, where he helps them build up endurance, and a biweekly evading class with Roadrunner and Tweety.

Bang's Gym is one of the most popular places in town, and he knows it. Good for you Bang.

But what about all his buddies?


Space Jam Pound
Warner Bros.

Pound was an angry little guy, but once he learned what it felt like to have a passion and freedom to explore that passion, his whole demeanor changed.

He doesn't care if he's big or small, all he cares about is that he gets to do what he loves. After the events of Space Jam, Pound took many months to try to find things he loved.

He tried painting, he tried glass blowing, he tried other sports, he tried horseback riding, but there was only one thing that he found gave him the same freedom that his former enhanced body gave him.

Space Jam monstars
Warner Bros.

When Pound stepped into his first pair of ice skates, he knew he found the thing he wanted to do for the rest of his life. He slid onto the ice as though the skates were meant to be there all along, and without even hesitating he spun across as if he had been doing this for decades.

Pound skates alone, because he can't seem to find a partner that has the same amount of dedication that he does. Instead he participates in singles tournaments and is quickly becoming the top name in Tune skating.


Blanko may seem like he isn't all there, but that was just his way of dealing with the trauma. Everyone handles it differently, so as soon as he was free from his captor he changed drastically.

Spacejam Nerdluck Blanko
Warner Bros.

He enrolled in the college and spent all of his time in the library. He memorized every single book in the place and over several months he challenged the school to let him take the tests for every class. He obviously passed, because he has a photographic memory and had just been playing stupid all along.

He graduated with every single degree the school had, and then started teaching while he compiled research and conducted experiments.

Space Jam Blanko
Warner Bros.

He would occasionally sneak into the human world to get new books and learn new things, but he always came back to teach it to the other Tunes.

There are still a couple more Nerdlucks to catch up with...


After becoming his small self again, Nawt found great joy in making people happy. The way he continued this after the game was to actually go into politics.

Spacejam Nerlucks
Warner Bros.

I know what you're thinking, politics aren't exactly the happiest profession, but Nawt really wanted to try and make people happy by giving them the things they needed.

The thing about Tune Land politics is that it isn't as toxic as our politics, so he has been able to do quite a bit.

Spacejam Nawt
Warner Bros.

He actually helped his fellow Nerdlucks settle into town and because of his hard work they were all able to do the things they want. He's been accepted by all of the other tunes, and Granny even helped run his campaign for him!


The most excited of the Nerdlucks, Bupkus has gone on to do some extraordinary things.

Spacejam Bupkus
Warner Bros.

Bupkus attended classes from his good buddy Blanko, and learned how to become a doctor. He now performs elaborate surgeries to help repair all of the Looney Tunes that have been injured. He is on a first name basis with Wile E. Coyote, and he splits a time share with Elmer Fudd.

Space Jam Bupkus
Warner Bros.

Bupkus actually was the only one to continue playing basketball after the magic was returned to the players, but he had a special court made to scale for his size. It helps him stay fit and burn off all that excess energy he seems to have.

These little Nerdlucks may have been the villains at the start of the movie, but it's nice to know that they are all doing better now!